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& duck fat

Who's In It: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Stanley Tucci

The Basics: It's the late 1940s and Julia Child is an American in Paris, learning how to cook, charming French people left and right, having tons of sex with her husband, and generally exclaiming "Oooooh!" in the direction of every new thing that turns her on. And a lot of stuff turns her on. This is the horny, life-greedy Julia Child. Maybe you didn't think you were into knowing that about her. But you will be. Oh, and then there's this other part where a modern blogger cooks some stuff too. It's not as interesting.

What's The Deal: And by not as interesting I mean that Amy Adams is just fine and I'm not going to go around bashing her button-eyed wonderment, especially while she cooks up food I would like to eat. She does what she does and she does it well. For the purposes of this movie she's no Nigella Lawson, but she is the new Meg Ryan--and the title could have passed on to someone way worse and less eagerly adorable, believe me--and we all just have to learn to accept it.

& What's The Other Deal: I don't know when it happened but somewhere along the way Meryl Streep decided she just didn't give a flying heck about subtlety anymore. Between this movie and her role as a nun-monster in Doubt she's on an aggressive joyride of face-pulling and mugging and shouting and squealing. I know I shouldn't enjoy this but I totally do, if for no other reason than that watching her behave this way is both a little irritating and a lot happy-making. That friction can feel good and you forget that you're supposed to revere her.

What Will Happen To You As You Watch It: You will become ravenously hungry for foods you think you shouldn't eat. Specifically butter. Like a Paula Deen amount of butter. On everything. In fact, if someone had just poured warm melted butter on Amy Adams' performance (or maybe just on her and her not-Mark-Ruffalo screen husband), I wouldn't have the minor reservations I expressed just a second ago.

Who Will Really Love It: Your mom. Be nice and take her.


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