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It'll make you feel lazy by comparison.

Who's in It: Jimmy Carter, Rosalynn Carter

The Basics: A documentary about former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who's seen here on a media tour for his inflammatorily titled book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid (about Israeli control over the Palestinian territories; it's the word "apartheid" that's got his critics in an uproar). I know, an 80-something-year-old man on a book tour doesn't sound that exciting. And truthfully, it's not. But he's such an interesting guy that you won't mind that at all.

What's the Deal? You watch Carter conduct himself around the media here — sometimes he's scolding, sometimes he's warm and nice, he's always ready to debate, and he's never unprepared — and, even if you disagree with his idea that there will be no peace in the Middle East until Israel decides to share control, you won't be able to get over the fact that he was actually once our President, especially if you're too young to remember that era clearly or weren't born yet at all. He's worked even harder after his term in office and accomplished more than he ever could in those few short years, and he's so unlike a normal, lying, hypocritical politician that he seems almost like a fictional character.

And Then He Goes Home to Relax and Read the Bible With His Wife and Build Houses With Habitat for Humanity: See "fictional character" above. But that's the thing. He's for real. The guy actually gives Evangelical Christianity a good name.

Best Part: When he evenhandedly tells the reporter from Al Jazeera that, oh, by the way, the Palestinians have got to stop using terrorism as a fight-back mechanism or they'll ruin the chances for peace, too — that basically, both sides have work to accomplish peace if they don't want a future of nonstop war and misery. And then the reporter's sort of surprised by that remark.

Main Problems:
1. It's too long.
2. It'll make you feel lazy by comparison.


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