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… another streamlined underdog-makes-good sports movie …

Who's in It: Mark Wahlberg, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks

The Basics: I don't know anything about football, but apparently this is a true story of a bartender who tried out for the Philadelphia Eagles in the mid-1970s and made the team. All his friends were happy. He was too.

What's the Deal? I hate it when I have to rearrange my hateful, lifelong anti-sports bias for decent movies about sports like this one. I want to be consistent because outside of a movie theater where uplifting, inspirational, heart-tugging moments of personal triumph on the 10-yard-line are blown up in front of my face, I got zero time for it. But dang it if this isn't another streamlined underdog-makes-good sports movie from the Disney factory that brought you The Rookie and Glory Road and Miracle. I think I need tissue to dab my moist eyes.

Active Ingredients:
35% "You'll never amount to nothin'!"
20% "What are you gonna do with your life?"
20% "Wow, that dude's fast!"
15% "I'll love you whether you make the team or not."
7% "These Days" by Jackson Browne during soul-searching moment.
3% Real-life former sports professionals in cast, including someone who goes by the name of "Stink."

Is It Still OK to Call Mark Wahlberg 'Marky Mark,' Even Though He's Been a Serious Actor for a Long Time Now and This Is His Best Performance Since Boogie Nights? Yes. Just not to his face.


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