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Who's in It: Al Gore

The Basics: School's out, but not for Al Gore. He's got a lecture for you about the creeping disasters waiting for us all if the issue of global warming isn't addressed now.

What's the Deal? OK, here's my beef with Al Gore, and then I'll talk about the film's message: He's a hypocrite. During the Clinton administration, the causes of global warming were chugging right along with help from the government. Global warming didn't stop when the first Bush left the White House and start up again when the second Bush stole the place back for the Republicans. Gore himself gave the Tellico Dam project a waiver from the Endangered Species Act. George W. Bush might be a nightmare for the EPA, but the Democrats weren't their wet dream by a long shot.

How Much Gore You Have to Ignore to Get to the Facts: A lot. You also have to deal with political-ad–ready forays into his humane motives for making this movie. His family tragedies are sad, yes, but they have little to do with global warming.

Saddest Part of the Movie: Watching a CGI polar bear drown as his ice floe melts.

Know Nothing? If you don't think you even know what global warming is or why it might be bad, you should see this documentary. Because in spite of its host's spotty record on the subject, the planet is still in terrifying shape, and the current reign of Republican oil-company greed is hurtling us toward a blackened future.


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