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Potente is most most interesting …

Who's in It: Giovanni Ribisi, Franka Potente, Joshua Jackson, Marisa Coughlan, Christina Ricci, Jared Harris, Elvis Costello, Kathleen Robertson, Jason Lee

The Basics: A movie star (Ribisi) married to another movie star (Potente) hates being a movie star and going to premieres and being rich. Boohoo.

What's the Deal? This movie was written and directed by Adam Goldberg, and it stars his girlfriend (Ricci) and lots of his actor buddies, and it's about how tough it is to be young and famous. You think everyone's stalking you because you're self-absorbed, you get paranoid because you're self-absorbed, you hang out with other famous people because they're self-absorbed just like you and when strangers approach you, you act like a deer caught in headlights. Here's an idea: go work at Burger King instead.

What's Good About This Mess: Potente, from Run Lola Run, is the movie's most interesting presence here and sort of a reality barometer. When Ribisi's tormented jerk complains about their marriage being called "stormy and tempestuous" by a magazine, she says, "But we are stormy and tempestuous."

What's Really Good: Fake magazines. I have a weirdly unnatural love for moments when people read fake magazines in movies, because it takes you right out of the moment. Suddenly, you're just looking at the fake magazine and wondering why they didn't use a real magazine, or how long it took the art department to mock it up, or what sort of in-joke the filmmaker's trying to tell. The fake magazine in this movie is called THEM Weekly.

Percentage of Irritating Scientologists in the Cast: 11; just Ribisi and Lee. And they're pretty low-key about it, not going around jumping on Oprah's furniture or bashing Brooke Shields. So they're off the hook for now.

How Art Is Like Life: At one point in the film, Ribisi questions whether his repeated coincidental meetings with non-celebrities are truly coincidental, or whether he's being followed. Well, I can say from the firsthand experience of living in Hollywood and accidentally running into Christina Ricci about half a dozen times — and yes, I ignored her — that it happens. And now I think it's really weird that she's in this movie.


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