I know how she (Sarah Jessica Parker) does it.

For starters, she's not a single mother trying to support her children on one income. Her husband (Greg Kinnear) is an architect who just got a great new project to work on.

She also has an amazingly well-paying job in the financial sector in the middle of a disgusting financial-sector-sponsored recession (but don't hate her for that because she's one of the nice, ethical ones whose fund proposals are all about restoring seniors' ability to retire instead of the kind that rewards bankers with insane bonuses while 78 year-olds lose their retirement portfolios and go to work as Wal-Mart greeters for nine cents a day).

She also has a nanny. And a great place to live. And an assistant who works like a machine (Olivia Munn, who steals all her scenes and has the film's only real funny dialogue).

Did I mention the nanny? I'll say that part again. SHE HAS A NANNY. You know who has nannies? Characters in movies have nannies. You know why characters in movies have nannies? Because people who act in movies and write movies and direct movies and produce movies have nannies and so obviously everybody else has a nanny too.

So now that we've established that this entire film is science fiction, I can tell you that it is not the worst science fiction about the issues facing mothers who work outside the home. It's not all that funny or insightful or interesting or compelling, but even with those flaws it's still not the worst because it's not hateful and never stoops to blaming. Well, it blames other mothers for being mean to Sarah Jessica Parker, but that's, you know... look it's Busy Philipps and she's too good at sneering to cast her as anything other than someone awful.

In addition to the mean stay-at-home moms (the movie calls them "The Momsters"), there's danger waiting around every corner for SJP: head lice, embarrassing email flubs, bunched-up underpants, sadfaced tots, Pierce Brosnan as a colleague who wants more than lunch meetings and a secondary character facing the easiest abortion decision in all of cinema. SJP sails through all of these conflicts and the worst that befalls her is one argument with Greg Kinnear and some messy hair.

But at least she's not stuck in Abu Dhabi trying to make a shrieking Kim Cattrall stop throwing condoms at angry Muslims. That's called finding the blessing.


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