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Turned on my heart light.

Who's In It: Alex Pettyfer, Diana Agron, Timothy Olyphant, Teresa Palmer, Kevin Durand

The Basics: John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) seems like a pretty normal kid. He's quiet, tries to avoid trouble, and is pretty mild mannered. That must mean he's harmless right? And that when his hands light up it's just because he's holding a flashlight, right? Wrong. John Smith travels from place to place with Henri (Timothy Olyphant) because he is running from the Mogadorians, whose only goal is to kill him and the other 8 special members of his alien race. Their running has gained speed now that the first 3 have been killed, and John is Number Four. His latest hideout, the small town of Paradise, Ohio gets a bigger dose of explosions and brutal murders than it would have say, any other lifetime, because John is tracked down and all hell breaks loose.

What's The Deal: I walked into this movie a skeptic and left a true believer. At every turn, I was ready for a trite, tired concept thrown on the screen with flashy CG, and each time I was politely corrected and patted on the head by a fun, engaging scene. I loved the performers--especially the newbies that I had never seen before. Alex Pettyfer in all his blonde-tipped glory is a modern-day E.T., making me care about aliens again. This kid goes through the wringer in this movie, and I bought every second of it. I was glad he finally found love with real-life girlfriend Diana Agron, and I cheered him on when he was defending nerdy Sam (Callan McAuliffe). This movie is a great argument for rolling up your sleeves and putting some elbow grease into the casting process. With anchors Olyphant and Agron, this ensemble really worked spectacularly together.

Let's Talk About Six: We all know that Australians are supernaturally hot, and Number Six (Teresa Palmer) really lights up the screen here literally and figuratively. Her character is mysterious, rides a motorcycle, has a way with big alien guns, AND has an accent. What more could you ask for? This film really obviously sets up a sequel (that I am all in for), and I can't wait to see what she does next. I also think this bodes well for the other numbers--we still haven't met four other survivors. Officially, though, I have to apologize to Bo Derek, because Six has replaced Ten as the new rating for hot babes. Tricia Helfer, Battlestar Galactica. Look it up.

I Demand You Produce Another Immediately: I wanted to see more cool stuff. By the time this movie gets cooking, it becomes completely amazing with things like a giant monster battle and a smoking crater where a football field used to be. I appreciated it's muted action in the beginning because it resulted in me being invested in the characters, but in the end mama loves her explosions.


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Jaces - 2-19-2011 2:51 PM
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My only question is, after such a seemingly positive review why only a 3/5 and not a 4 or 4.5 heck even a 5/5 sounded about right from what I read. Thanks for the read though, this got me really pumped to watch this...can't wait!

Brady - 2-20-2011 1:08 AM
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honestly... best movie I have seen in 2011. Not really any dull parts in the movie. I was so into it, the movie seemed like an hour long! After it was over, i was waiting for more, I simply asked my friend, "Can the sequel be now?" if i had to rate the movie out of 5, it would probably be a 4/5. GREAT review though!

dj - 3-11-2011 8:00 AM
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This is a good movie. If anything bad to say it needed more action. alot of the action stuff comes at the end. Good story line, good acting, all and all good movie

Matt D - 3-12-2011 5:28 PM
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I thought the movie was really good. It stayed pretty true to the book but did leave out some of backround which movie versions typically do. Great job with the special effects. Its didnt go over-board with CGI which i think added to the realism of the big action scenes. The book "the power of six" the sequel will be out in August, i hope they do a screenplay and start movie production soon after as im really looking for to the follow up.

xylent killer - 2-06-2012 8:06 PM
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i love it .

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