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The Hunger Review

For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Iffy for 17+

Bloody lesbian-vampire story is stylish, but no Twilight.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that this stylish, blood-soaked drama with lots of sex is definitely not for kids. It's spooky and tense throughout as beautiful vampires lure numerous victims to their deaths by strangulation, stabbing, and more. Sexual activity is used as foreplay to murder from the opening scenes until the final resolution. There is partial female nudity (including multiple shots of bare breasts), oral sex, erotic dancing and seduction, and lesbian sex. Occasional coarse language is heard, including "f--k." Characters smoke heavily throughout, consume alcohol, and quaaludes are mentioned. Though vampire movies continue to appeal to a mass audience, particularly teens, this film is very different from the tame, romantic, and idealized vampirism of the Twilight series and others like it.

  • Families can talk about teens' continuing fascination with horror movies (and specifically vampires) in film, books, and television. What do you think is so appealing about the genre?
  • Why do so many horror movies combine sex with violence? What is the effect of watching this combination? What is the appeal?

The good stuff
  • message true0

    Messages: Strong themes of the fight for survival throughout the movie -- sometimes this human urge comes at the expense of others. Maintaining one's sense of morality sometimes means great sacrifice. There is a strong connection made between sex and violence.

  • rolemodels true0

    Role models: With almost no exceptions, the characters are self-indulgent, hedonistic, and without empathy, though the most human main character tries to maintain some sense of morality in the end.

What to watch for
  • violence false4

    Violence: No shortage of graphic stabbing, slashing, blood-letting, and violent murderous behavior, often in concert with erotic sensuality and lovemaking. Victims are stabbed, strangled, and thrown over stair railings to their death. Bodies decompose; corpses rise from their coffins, only to disintegrate and turn to dust moments later. There are other disturbing images throughout: blood flows on every conceivable surface; a vicious monkey attacks and kills his mate; humans participate in a bloody feast; victims (including an innocent teen violinist) are lured to their deaths because of the vampires' need for blood.

  • sex false4

    Sex: The film contains: lengthy depictions of sexual activity (both heterosexual and lesbian), including kissing, fondling, partial nudity, bare breasts in numerous scenes; erotic dancing; and oral sex. One violent, orgiastic sexual scene is intercut with a monkey going crazy and killing his mate.

  • language false3

    Language: A few instances of "f--k," "bulls--t," "hell," and "son-of-a-bitch."

  • consumerism false0

    Consumerism: Not an issue

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Most characters smoke throughout. Wine and liquor are consumed in numerous social settings and in one sex-murder sequence, the victims seem to be in an "altered state." A teen offers quaaludes to an adult.