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...stupidly fictionalized take on real life

Who’s In It: Simon Pegg, Kirsten Dunst, Danny Huston, Gillian Anderson, Megan Fox, Jeff Bridges

The Basics: Simon Pegg plays Sidney Young, a loutish British journalist who gets a job at a snooty celebrity style magazine. He’s treated horribly by everyone on staff and, in return, acts like a total creepy boor and ruins everything he touches. This being a stupidly fictionalized take on a real-life story, the guy fails upward to success and wealth and the love of a truly decent woman, but only after he comes to realize what’s really important in life.

What’s The Deal: You buy a ticket to a movie where abject humiliation is clearly promised on the menu and you want to see a little serious suffering, not the kind of pretendy embarrassments going on here. Oh, people snub you? Big deal. Oh, and then you change your entire personality because you want people to like you again for you, the real you? And then they do? Great. But do me a favor, then, and change your crappy movie’s title to I’m Sowwy! I Need Wuv! so I can be spared the annoyance.

Dear Simon Pegg: You are too cool for this. Maybe you signed on after reading an early draft of the script, before too many bottom line-stained hands came in and squeezed the life out of it and niced it up. Because honestly, reading about your bizarro-feud with Ricky Gervais is more entertaining than this. And by the way, what’s up with that anyway? It’s a joke right? A bit? Because it was silly back when Blur and Oasis did it, too. It’s even dumber now. And less entertaining.

Who’s Good, Sort Of: In early scenes, Kirsten Dunst gives off a prickly, officious, mean-girl, devil-wearing-Prada sort of energy and you hope she keeps that going. But she doesn’t. She’s the love interest. She has to soften up. And become dull. And see what no one else does in this creep. Because she’s looking through the eyes of love. No lie.

Hey, You Should Read A Book Instead: Toby Young is the real guy who wrote the real memoir about the real magazine he worked for, the real Vanity Fair. I haven’t read it. But I might now if only to take the taste of fakeness out of my mouth. And another thing, this movie’s budget is so low that it makes the fictional Vanity Fair-ish work environment, the actual physical space, look less inviting than the cubicles in Office Space.


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