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This is Snakes on a Plane for kids …

Who's in It: Luke Benward, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Adam Hicks, Austin Rogers, Alexander Gould, Thomas Cavanagh, Kimberly Williams, Clint Howard

The Basics: This is Snakes on a Plane for kids, title-wise at least. It's about exactly what it says it's about. A new kid named Billy (Benward) has to eat 10 worms on a bet with the school bully. The entire movie is about the eating of worms, and it's possibly the coolest — also the grossest — kid movie of 2006 so far.

What's the Deal? It presents kids as real, basically goofy beings and not as miniature, sarcastic, attitude-poisoned adults. That's one thing in its favor. It's also smart, funny and full of queasy imagery kids will love and parents will turn their heads from. And finally, it teaches a lesson without it being condescending to its target audience. That last thing alone is almost like a miracle.

Who's Useless: All the grown-ups. Tom Cavanagh from Ed and Kimberly Williams are the parents who seem like afterthoughts. They could have stood to learn a lesson from Peanuts on that count.

Where You've Seen and/or Heard These Kids Before: The tall, bemused girl who gently guides Billy toward the proper way to handle his tormentors is Hallie Kate Eisenberg, the former Pepsi commercial kid, now entering her teenage years. And wild-haired "Twitch" is Alexander Gould, the voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo.

What I Personally Want on the DVD: A making-of-fake-yet-edible-worms featurette, please. Because they looked disgustingly real.


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