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… Laura Linney's got something other than B.S. to say …

Who's in It: Mark Webber, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Sonia Braga, Laura Linney, Ethan Hawke

The Basics: The guy is an actor. The girl is a singer. They fall in not-love but something resembling like-you-very-much. In other words, she won't have sex with him. But then she does. And then they're in love. Why are they in love? What do they have in common besides mutual cuteness and a firm belief in their own really important ideas and attitudes and outfits? Then they go to Mexico and have lots of sex. Are you still awake? Because there's more, so much more. It's not about anything, but there's more of it.

What's the Deal? Everyone (well, everyone past 25, hopefully) knows that when you are young and in love, you are perfectly situated at the stupidest point in what will hopefully become a life full of eventual real love and wisdom. You're lust-blinded into thinking that you've found your soul mate, even if all you ever do is make out all the time. When you inevitably break up, it will be the most soul-shattering thing ever to happen to you. Great sad pop songs are written this way. But this movie can't seem to decide which team it's on. Is it (a) about personality-free people who are in love? Or (b) the filmic embodiment of that kind of person? I vote B.

Fake Bohemian Richter Scale: If pretentious-college-lit-major-poetry-slam-bohemian-messy-hair-cuz-we-don't-bathe-much were an earthquake, then this movie would make California sink into the ocean.

Who You'll Wish the Whole Movie Was About: Linney. She's got the tiniest amount of screen time ever, but she pops in to lay down some truth to her in-love son. The movie suddenly becomes alive and interesting and about someone who's got something other than B.S. to say, and when she's gone you curse the film for her absence even more than if she hadn't shown up at all.

Better Films Starring Both Leads: Sandino Moreno was in Maria Full of Grace, and Webber was in Broken Flowers.


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