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Needs more sugar.

Who’s In It: James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, David Hasselhoff, Chelsea Handler and the voices of Russell Brand, Hugh Laurie, Hank Azaria

The Basics: The talking cartoon bunny that poops out jellybeans doesn’t want to grow up and become the Easter Bunny. He wants to play drums instead. The talking human that sits around lazily doing nothing doesn’t want to grow up and get a job. He’s too obsessed with the Easter Bunny to think clearly about anything else. Thanks to that peanut-butter-meets-chocolate plot you can guess that eventually the bunny will fulfill his rock star dreams and the slacker will become the first human Santa Claus of Eggs and Candy and ride around in an egg-shaped sleigh. Unless you’re a child, that is, then you’ll be thoroughly taken by surprise. And that’s who this movie was pooped out for anyway.

What’s The Deal: In reality—where the one true Easter Bunny resides—there is no good reason for you to care about anyone’s opinion of this film. You either plan to take your local 4-year-old friend to see this or you don’t. That 4-year-old is going to have a great time. And provided you stay awake, you will not want to peel off your own skin while sitting through it. It’s not as bad as you’re fearing (the humans occasionally say funny stuff) and it’s not as good as you hope it might be. But it’s a perfectly averagely-executed movie for little kids that’s marginally about the pleasures of sugar and furry animals. Nothing more, nothing less.

Best Part: The great third act war between the bunnies and the chicks, who are trying to stage a coup and set up their own regime. The bunnies battle the Peep insurgency and the chicks descend on the king Easter Bunny and try to peck him to death. I’m intentionally making it sound more violent than it is because in my head that’s how it played out. On screen it was brightly colored and innocuous.

Weirdest Part: When James Marsden, the rabbit and a group of very small children perform the song “I Want Candy.” And that is a song in which all the lyrics are about sex. The filmmakers are hoping you won’t think about that fact.

Make It Easy On Yourself: I snuck in a couple of Cadbury Crème Eggs to enhance my enjoyment and to keep myself from going insane while watching giant-sized chocolate things bouncing around on screen. It really did make the whole experience better and I’d like some freebies sent to me for that shout out. Thanking you in advance, Cadbury Guys.


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darien roland - 4-01-2011 1:18 AM
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im so happy to see this flim because it will make a grate film for kids ages 3 - 12.i also think HOP will be number #1 next week and kick DIARY OF A WIMPY KID:RODRICK RULES butt.

Miss K - 4-02-2011 8:56 PM
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Very cute, but yes, it needs "More Sugar". It was funny, but they could get rid of some parts.

Chelsea - 4-03-2011 1:54 AM
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My Review: Funny: 1.5 Graphics: 4.5 Overall Rating: 3.5

LUCE - 4-03-2011 1:55 AM
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My Review: Funny: 1.5 Graphics: 4.5 Overall Rating: 3.5

Kimberly - 4-03-2011 2:14 AM
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HOP seemed 2 hours long. I simply believe It was so long because it was sort of boring. They could of added more Humor, but I do have to say the parts they made funny were pretty strong, and gave me quite a laugh. I'd give it 3.5 stars because it needed more of a Purpose. I pretty much agree with you David White.

Ty - 4-21-2011 9:27 PM
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Hop is good!

TT - 7-25-2011 2:13 PM
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hop is ok but it was very stupid at some points in the movie like bunnys pooping jellybeans,chick turning half rabbit,etc.i would give it a 2.0 there was no purpose to this movie just to make kids like easter more better?

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