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Psychic hotline to comedy.

Who's In It: Matt Damon, Cecile De France, Frankie McLaren, Jay Mohr, Bryce Dallas Howard, George McLaren

The Basics: Matt Damon is a burned-out psychic who speaks to the dead. And he's fed up with both their chatter and his own gift. (It's not a gift! It's a curse!" he says no less than three times during the film, just so you remember how exhausted he is.) Cecile De France is a French TV news anchor who dies for a moment in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and sees the afterlife. Soon afterward she becomes obsessed with telling the world about her experience. Meanwhile, a young London boy's twin brother is killed and he and sets off to find someone who can reach him. Even if you're not psychic you can probably guess that somehow they all wind up connecting and finding a sort of peace with their situations.

What's The Deal: In Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood directed himself in a story about a violent death sacrifice, so the logical next step is to explore the nature of what would happen to Clint Eastwood if he were to suddenly up and die like people often do. And that's where it becomes more difficult. Because he's great at studying the nature of violence and retribution and masculinity and honor. Those are all things you can actually look at it and see in action. But the minute you start talking about trippy afterlife stuff it all starts to sound like the beginning of Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" and you might as well be wearing a purple glitter pantsuit while you do it because that's about how seriously people are going to take you. Earnestly heartfelt all the way, this movie goes bonkers right out of the gate and doesn't let up until the final shot of Damon having a vision of his own future, so don't worry if you find yourself giggling.

A Short But Spoiler-Intensive List Of Wacky Stuff You'll See In This Movie: Careless, ghoulish Remember Me-style exploitation of recent real life horrific events such as the big 2004 tsunami and the 2005 London train bombings, creepy moments between Damon and the kid, spiritually significant exchanges between De France and an underwater teddy bear, and the idea that the afterlife must be real because it was finally experienced first-hand by a French secularist. (Her office is right next door to the Eiffel Tower to cue audience members not so good at placing accents.) And that's not even counting the presence of...

Bryce Dallas Howard's Many Moments Of Utter Confusion: She enters and exits the movie just long enough to have her own strange scenes with Damon (he touches her with a spoon and gets one of his jolting, time-to-talk-to-dead-folks connection-wave things) that include a cooking class where all they do is chop tomatoes week after week while listening to opera until, finally, they graduate to the class of Sexy Tasting Stuff With Blindfolds On. During these interludes she gets to say things like, "I'm here in this cooking class to meet new people and maybe meet the man of my dreams."

What To Watch Instead: Ghostbusters


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Joe - 10-21-2010 6:16 PM
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His last movie was Invictus, not Gran Torino.

Syd - 10-22-2010 7:57 AM
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Joe, Gran Torino is the last movie that Clint Eastwood directed HIMSELF in.

jayem - 10-22-2010 2:38 PM
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Look, I wasn't crazy about the movie myself, but you clearly missed the point of Bryce Dallas Howard's character Dave. My opinion is that she was there to show how he could not carry on in normal relationships, that they always ended before they began because of his "gift/curse". This character was not acted well and she really annoyed me, but that's beside the point, her character was able to demonstrate his predicament with women. I believe he is able to have a relationship with Marie because she has seen the other side and she's already experienced it for herself and doesn't need him to show her. It was a little more poignant then you made it out to be. That being said, this movie didn't move me at all.

MEEfO - 10-22-2010 4:30 PM
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Darrin Mariott -- please go. Dave White is the best thing about this site. Art is meant to solicit feelings/ interpretations by the viewer and his is valid regardless of his religious/ secular point of view. The fact is I saw this movie as well and feel it was just as silly as he described. As are many films that try to make the intangible tangible. So get f-ed, diva.

Vicky - 10-22-2010 4:43 PM
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I believe Dave comments are based only in his lack of spirituality. I can tell he prefers the cheap horrors ones. I use to pay attention to his reviews, but I guess no more.

Manuel - 10-22-2010 9:44 PM
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Love sound track Sia love shes voice.. the movie is great algo fantastico los uertos estan con nosotros.. no los olvidemos nunca son parte de nuestra vida... amalos forever.

Chris - 10-23-2010 1:29 AM
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Dave, I love what you do, and this is the first time I've disagreed with you. The topic of the film draws a line between life and death. It also draws a line between the characters: those that have experienced grief and those that have not (for whatever reason, due to lack of tragic circumstances or the rejection there of). Those that have relate to one another and see the world differently. I think this is very true of real life. The questions I'll ask: have you ever grieved? If so, did the film not resonate to you in some way? If you haven't, your review makes perfect sense. The film, it would seem, also draws a line between its viewers. I'm amazed also that you: 1. Pigeon-holed Eastwood. 2. Neglected French

Chris - 10-23-2010 1:30 AM
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*neglected French influences

JaneS - 10-23-2010 9:31 PM
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Just saw this movie....bored to "death!" Matt was boring, acting was boring, slow and very predictable although I was convinced that Matt and Cecile were going to meet, marry and adopt the boy! I was almost right!

dee - 10-24-2010 12:44 AM
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People need to realize a review is the writer's opinion of the film. Why get upset with Dave for him sharing his thoughts on the movie. he's not suppose to tell you what you wanna hear.

Tami - 10-24-2010 6:41 PM
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I just saw this flick, and really felt let down, disappointed and sleepy! The Tsunami was the best part of the movie... so after that, it was all downhill! Sixth Sense dealt with more "crossing over" than this did. It's like Clint just went to sleep...

Fin - 10-25-2010 1:45 PM
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I might as well go ahead and tell you how much your review sucked as well. Not as bad as the chick from this site who reviewed the movie, but pretty darn close. I would suggest you stick with reviewing movies like Jackass 3D, it seems more fitting to your...cough...cough....talent level. Lol.

L8bak - 10-25-2010 3:35 PM
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I thought this was a fine movie. I really liked it. I hope everybody out there ignore's Dave's review and goes to see this. To coin a phrase from the great, late Bill Hicks: Dave, GET A SOUL!

yomamma - 10-25-2010 3:59 PM
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That is actually one more star than i would have given. This movie sucked!!

Ted - 10-25-2010 7:22 PM
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Worst, most utterly boring movie that I've seen in years. Laughable.

kelle - 10-25-2010 9:52 PM
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Great review. Weak movie

Dave White - Manly-Man Movie Reviewer - 10-26-2010 10:22 AM
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I really, really, really wanted to like this film. The tsunami was genuinely scarey and very impressive, all of the acting was spot on, especially the boys, I wanted to know how the three stories resolved...but, meh...I somehow cannot bring myself to recommend this film.

Paul Donais - 10-26-2010 1:06 PM
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I thought Bryce did a good job but the whole thing seemed pointless. For a long time in Hollywood, they'd close a project by meeting in a bar, getting wasted and then slapping on an ending that was clearly 'cut and paste.' This was not even that 'good.' It really had no ending at all. Clint needs to work on themes he believes in!

Miralin - 10-26-2010 5:07 PM
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This movie was so weird! The beginning was spectacular but within minutes it went from spectacular to pathetic. Three strange stories that had no correlation to each other ended up going nowhere until the end as if the director tying it all up in a pretty box but it was a very very shallow ending, and quite predictable. The out of body experiences were RIDICULOUS for those who know what the other side feels and looks like! I feel that this director was trying to create another CRASH type of movie by trying to blend these stories together but it was a huge failure....can I have my money back? Sorry but it sucked.

Karen - 10-26-2010 5:53 PM
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It Sucked! I heard a person snorring nbehind me. What a waste of time.

RAY - 10-26-2010 5:59 PM
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This movie was trash.. it had no point!..THE ENDING SUCKED..it all sucked..they should of all just died in the TSUNAMI..that would of been a better movie..Oh.. I also dont appriciate them basically stating that People who believe that Jesus Christ is the way to get to heaven are..basically stupid..which is how they made it look..THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA.. ABOUT..HEARAFTER..

Lane - 10-27-2010 2:29 PM
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However, I enjoy reading you reviews, I believe your review is wrong in this instance. For some, they may not appreciate the subject content of this movie. I found the movie very touching and worth viewing. Everyone has their own opinions about life, death, and movies. If your willing to put your own skeptisms aside and watch this movie with a open mind you will actually leave this movie feeling peaceful. I quite enjoyed it. I was glad that they did not include any kind of religion in the movie so that it implied to all. If your looking for action or syfy watch another movie. Through own life expeirences, I feel that this movie was touching and all I can say about it is that it is not for everyone, including dave.

ren - 10-27-2010 6:03 PM
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This movie is really boring. Lots of meaningless scenes and just a waste of money.

Pat - 10-31-2010 6:02 PM
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You obviously overlooked a great movie, and it's a pity that your opinion will influence some people not to see this great film.

jimboyc - 10-31-2010 8:58 PM
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Yikes is all I have to say. My neighbor who has great movie tastes pushed me to this movie instead of "Red". She owes me 8 dollars. Just kidding! I am educated, sophisticated to a degree, like off base theme movies and love Clint Eastwood...but what the heck happened here? I lreally liked "Lovely Bones" and all the big wig reviewers shunned it. Now that was a good beyond/after life movie but noooo big stars so it got shut out. I seriously was thinking of walking out on Heareafter and going on my merry way with my Sunday but saw this mess till the bitter end. Give it a Big old C minus folks. Does not work.

Stephan Barkan - 11-02-2010 7:42 AM
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While watching the film "Hereafter," after the initial tsunami sequence which is quite terrifying, there were moments when I felt that this film was ultimately going to dissapoint me but being a big fan of Clint Eastwood, I was really hoping that it wouldn't. It does drag along in parts but fortunately has scenes which regain our interest. At the end of the film I felt like I had watched a somewhat more demanding film than Eastwood's previous films but a very powerful one nevertheless. I do not think this film is for everyone and especially not for those who go to the movies for a bit of escapism or to be passively entertained for a couple of hours. Whatever you think about it, there is no other film out there at the moment quite like i

Sherrice - 11-02-2010 3:45 PM
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This was the worst movie I have ever seen. What a waste of time and money.

jason - 11-03-2010 7:42 AM
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If it wasn't so expensive to go to the movies. My GF and I would of walked out. That's 2 hours of my life I will NEVER get back. The movie was so slow and boring and the acting sucked. The sub titles were stupid. I think they do that to make sure your still awake.

"Comic Book Guy" - 11-05-2010 10:30 PM
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Jeff - 3-16-2011 7:09 PM
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movie sucked. Dallas Howard's character was terrible, even though she herself isn't awful. Clint tried his best, acted and directed well. Just a bad, boring story. Even if a bunch of people will needlessly defend it just because it's about the afterlife. Dave you're the man keep doing what you're doing. Btw, Jen was your best co-reviewer. You know it, and I know it.

adam - 5-24-2011 4:18 AM
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ray, i dont think the movie makes fun of christians who believe in jesus. its the church who make fun of people like damon's character. of course they would, its bad for their and any other religion's business. i dont know what happens after, but people who have been indoctrinated with religion are alwasy the 1st to get upset if another point of view is shown. i agree with peeps, that its boring, but the worst movie ever? apparently they never saw idocracy or nacho libre lol

Imperfect-Storm - 11-23-2011 11:27 PM
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Just saw this movie on HBO and I am so glad I didn't pay to go see it at the movies. I am thinkiing of calling HBO and requesting a refund on my premium service for the month! If your really a Matt D fan, just watch the first tsunami scene and then turn this movie off! Go watch "Good Will Hunting" and you'll thank me for saving you 90 min of probably the most contrived boring movie ever made!

LNC - 2-13-2012 1:47 PM
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The opening scene with the drowning was great. By that, I mean, the special effects here were extremely well done and convincing. There were some moments of very good acting, but all-in-all, this is one of the most boring movies my wife and I have ever seen. It plods along with little to recommend it. The "readings" were hilarious, but for those who believe in the possibility of these things ..... well, I guess they might enjoy the movie.

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