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Who's in It: Ben Stiller, Malin Akerman, Michelle Monaghan, Rob Corddry, Carlos Mencia, Jerry Stiller

The Basics: Guy marries the wrong woman, finds out on the honeymoon that she's crazy, then realizes he's falling for another woman right then and there. Naturally, he doesn't stop to think for one second that this new infatuation could be as ill-conceived and doomed as the first one, and neither does the movie. Nor does the movie cop to the fact that this guy is a complete jerk. And yet I laughed my head off from start to finish.

What's the Deal? It's not so hard — in fact, it's totally easy — to compartmentalize a movie this useless. So what if it ignores all human logic and real-life emotion? So what if it's one of those plots where if the main people would stop for five seconds and have one, maybe two conversations, the entire movie could crumble into a heap of nothingness. So what if everyone except Monaghan is a creep? The movie doesn't care and neither should you. It just wants to make you laugh regardless of how far down it has to stoop. I forgave myself when it was over. You will, too.

The One Honest Moment in the Entire Movie: I guess this counts as a spoiler, but it's so funny that it doesn't really matter if you know about it in advance because the visual pile-up of stuff is that anarchic. It takes place later in the film, Stiller has a Man o' War stuck to his back, Monaghan is trying to whack the thing off him with a stick, bystanders are screaming, other bystanders are nearby laughing hysterically at his misfortune and a mariachi band is standing by playing loud happy music. Then Akerman comes up to pee on Stiller in what would be an NC-17 way if it weren't for the crazy Muppet-y merkin she's wearing.

The Farrellys Are the Anti-Apatow In movies like Knocked Up, the characters talk and talk and talk. Here, they … well … see the above bullet point in this review. They pee on each other. It's what the Farrellys like in a movie, to gleefully indulge their most lowbrow instincts. If I have a complaint, it's that I wish I could just get that instead of feeling like I'm supposed to also feel sympathetic towards Stiller.

Giantest Breasts of 2007 Award Goes To: Porn star Kayla Kleevage, who makes an indelible cameo appearance in a hot tub with Jerry Stiller. No, it's not a special effect.


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