Who's In It: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Ralph Fiennes, Bill Nighy, Julie Walters, Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter

The Basics: Voldemort's got everything pretty much the way he wants it these days. He controls the Ministry of Magic. He controls Hogwarts. He's got their teachers hanging up in his dining room, just waiting to be devoured by one of his pet megasnakes. But three people he doesn't yet control are the plucky child-wizards, now grown into plucky early-adulthood wizards with five o'clock shadow and Burberry modeling contracts, the ones who are determined to obliterate old No-Nose into dust. You just have to wait until July of 2011 to see that part. In this one they run around collecting Horcruxes. Still awesome, though.

What's The Deal: I could just type a series of 1s and 0s for this review and it wouldn't make one bit of difference. After six movies you already know which camp you're in. You've seen none of them or you've seen all of them at least three or more times, and no 500 words of opinionating from me is going to sway you. So all there is to say is that HP7.1 is everything the fans want it to be. It's handsomely produced, beautifully art directed, serious-face-acted by everyone on screen and still the doomiest coming-of-age series of films since the ones Truffaut made about Antoine Doinel. Google it, kids.

The Best Part Is Also The Boringest: Sometimes all that running and wanding and obliviating can wear a teen wizard down. They've been getting chased for six movies in a row now by some evildoer or other. That means it was high time that these kids kicked back and went on a camping trip. Now, it's not really much of a camping trip. They're on the trail of hidden Horcruxes--each one contains a piece of Voldemort's soul--and they have to destroy them. But that leaves a lot of downtime for reading, looking great in incredibly black-metalish winter forests, squabbling about dumb teenage drama while sitting around in tents and slow-dancing to Nick Cave songs. It's kind of like watching a Sofia Coppola short film about adolescent torpor dropped down into the middle of a can-do adventure movie about the hovering specter of death.

MVP: Dobby. The big-eyed, lion-hearted, digital elf seemed to teeter on the verge of becoming this franchise's Jar Jar Binks in his earliest appearances. But in this final chapter he's the one who breaks your heart. Nope, I didn't see it coming either.

What You'll Be Most Thankful For: It's not in 3-D. These movies are too much all-consuming fun to need that gimmick. Here's hoping they scrap their plans to release Part 2 that way.


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Maze - 11-19-2010 11:18 AM
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i knew it was coming and still teared up. dam good story

Isbette Arzon - 11-19-2010 1:14 PM
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Im still a Harry Potter fan and i love all his movies and they were great,i can wait to part two next year..

stevie d - 11-19-2010 7:28 PM
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This was by far the slowest of the Potter films, and the writers did not even make an attempt to leave the viewer yearning for more. Lots of walking, lots of talking, and little to truly develop the story into must see for summer '11.

C - 11-19-2010 11:26 PM
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I love the Harry Potter Series. I am so much more of a book fan than the movie fan. This movie was the closest to the book so far and people complain it is slow because the first half of the book is slow. You need exposition to build to the grand finale which won't disappoint. There was a lot of action in the beginning and the movie was beautiful. I can't wait for the last one because it is going to be nearly non-stop action.

theuddy - 11-20-2010 9:24 AM
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mr. T i agree with everything you said, but i dont think you will mixxxx the last episode of this serie, movie was not only slow but too much showing of the three friends same story same drama noting new, bad guy only was show twice in the entire movie at the table with the snake and at the end of the movie which was boring end omg i was expecting too too much from this movie i am very disappointed, the criticals show also be blame this movie does not deserve a 4 ot 5 stars maybe a 3 i would definally see the final, hope to see a better film. the sad part is that you have to really see this movie if you are a harry potter i would not recomend this movie to anyone if this was a part 1 movie. i have not ever see so manny people going to the b

D - 11-20-2010 11:43 AM
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Seriously slow? Are you kidding? This movie was by far the best made, kept in the most detail from the book and was fantastic. Really now, did you see The Half Blood Prince? That was slower then this one and they cut out everything. Yes there wasn’t “tons” of action, but it was only HALF the book. The next movie will be constant action. Some of you really don’t know your Harry Potter.

T - 11-20-2010 3:05 PM
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@theuddy, yes I agree the sad part is that we have to watch Part 1 to stay current with the movie series. After watching the past Harry Potter films, the audience would clap at the end. This one here, most people just laughed. Like, you were being robbed and there was nothing you could do about it but laugh. I have personally read all of the books and I know how the story will end. But I had to ask myself, "what was accomplished in this film?" for those who have not read the books but have only watched the movies. Well, the destroyed one Holcrux (forgive my spelling) and Harry learned the story of the Deathly Hallows. It took them two hours and a half to complete these tasks. Wow

Cate - 11-20-2010 3:18 PM
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it was an ahmazing movie..

A - 11-20-2010 6:34 PM
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most people are complaining that the movie was slow... but if i recall currectly so was the book. i thought this movie was better than the others. when you watch a movie it's never as good as the book... i thought this one was pretty darn close. the ending made me want to see part 2 so bad! No one alughed at the end of my movie... everyonme clapped. its 5 stars in my book.

The Mayor or Debonair - 11-20-2010 8:23 PM
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I fell asleep on this movie lol. T you are right, these two reviews had to be paid. Just because you read the book and expect it to be slow dosn't mean the movie has to be EXACTLY like the book. I fell asleep when harry was trying to destroy the amulet and someone said " how could blah blah tell you about the locket and not how to destroy it" then I woke up at the very end with the villian shooting his wond into the air I think lol. VERY BORING

Ethan Guild - 11-21-2010 12:31 AM
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I cannot believe the absolute garbage on the comments sections of Dave/Jen's reviews...Fandango should remove the option. These critics are "paid?" What hard drugs are you currently taking? Mr. White (and Ms. Yamato) are well steeped in film history and are dead on with their review. This film...oh the horror!!!..felt arthouse rather than blockbuster in places. I actually can buy the idea that this film is rather avant-garde and needs outside help to support it...except I've seen every Harry Potter at Tysons Corner opening night since the 3rd film and this is the only film to draw a standing ovation....but then again all 500 of us were paid prior to the screening.

LivingFab - 11-21-2010 12:44 AM
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Can I get 1/2 of my admission, gas, and the money I spent for popcorn and soda? An hour into the show I started watching my watch wondering if things were going to get better. Then I proceeded to count the number of people that were going to the bathroom. Serves me right, should have seen Megamind. I was told he does the "dougie" at the end of the movie.lol

Ethan Guild - 11-21-2010 1:15 AM
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The previous review is a great example of restraint in avoiding intelligence/taste. Yes if you pretend to have good taste through all the HP movies, but secretly hate Harry P...go see....Megamind?!?!!? not Fair Game, oe 127 Hours...Megamind, the worst mainstream animation of 2010 will calm you.

Eric - 11-21-2010 4:40 PM
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how could u fall asleep during a movie you paid 15 bucks to go out of your way to see? i don't even think you saw it, just an excuse to lame on the film.

SC - 11-21-2010 8:09 PM
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OMG it's coming to the end of my cash cow movies. I need to prove I'm an actual actor who has some talent or risk having no career. So we'll make a movie that has no progression or real action but will say, "LOOK AT ME I CAN ACT!" This will be accomplished with two hours of dry dialogue and emotional searching. Great for the actors but sucks to be in the audience.

MarkA - 11-22-2010 7:54 AM
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Excellent movie if you are a Harry Potter fan. If you aren't yet then do yourself a favor and read the books, then watch all previous movies, then watch this one. Otherwise, you will have no idea what is going on.

ninjedi - 11-22-2010 11:35 AM
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I liked it and I know its great to see the story live action on the big screen after only imagining it in your head. BUT there was a HUGE mistake. After Ron destroys the amulet he says only THREE horcuxes left. The movies series has always said 7 existed. Now I'm not a mathamagician but the diary they destroy, thats one, they have voldemorts ring but never destroyed it, thats two, the amulet makes three.... If you are gonna release a multi million dollar movie with the premise being to destroy horcruxes shouldn't you make sure you say the correct number. SEEMED CARELESS

Jazzman - 11-22-2010 12:45 PM
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The seventh piece is in Voldemort, meaning 6 soul pieces hidden in Horcruxes, so the math is correct.

ninjedi - 11-22-2010 2:19 PM
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Jazz- no it doesn't voldemort makes 8. 1.Diary, 2.Ring.,3.Locket,4. Helgas cup,5.Nagini,6. Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem,7.Harry, 8. The dark lord. and even then the movie has always gone with 7. they destroyed the diary and now the locket. They are unclear in the last movie if the ring was destroyed as dumbldor holds it up at the end saying destroying it is no easy task(ambiguos) but even if they did that still makes only three destroyed in the movie leaving FOUR to find and destroy. Ron says only three left now. so either way they are off.

Haneefah - 11-22-2010 3:11 PM
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Wow! Superb can't get tired of readn any HP novel i prefer it to d movies....but i think it isn't fair critising even d most boring movie on earth requires industry(mean hardwork) so pls spear d poor guys n give dem a break.lol

nathan - 11-23-2010 12:11 AM
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Haven't seen it yet, but at the end of this movie the trio will not know that Harry is one of the Horacruxes....so the numbers would be off by one.

luke - 11-23-2010 6:13 AM
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this film is absolutly completlt ant totly amazing and the wow factor just keeps on raising if u have taken the time to read the book like us true potheads they stuk to the buk so much i was dying to flip the page with the film lol but no it is a god swend of a film tey got it all rite and the nxt part will be even better with all the wars and stuff its the best thing since i was born seriously if u dont watch it i will hunt u dwn cum find u and force u to drowl over the screen its just sohard not to i would have been on the edge of my seat the whole way through if i had not read the book and ther fore new wat would be happening nxt cum one guys grow a pair and watch the film of the the decade and then sum

taysha - 11-23-2010 6:33 PM
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I'm paying 5$ for this and it better be worth it i have heard it was good bt im just going 4 the first time

Crystal - 11-24-2010 9:46 AM
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My big issue with the film was that the nude make out scene was totally unneccesary and inappropriate. It was completely gratuitous and didn't belong in the film. They really could have acheieved the same goal with having them clothed. Can we please stop exposing young people to this type of oversexualization? I mean, if I want my kid to see crap like that I'd take them to see Twilight. I don't expect that stuff in HP :(

Rachel - 11-24-2010 10:48 AM
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I don't mean to be too much of a jerk, but the movie was based on a book, and didn't do much for the novel. If you'd read the book, you'd already know about who dies and for my part I don't think Mad-Eye got near the attention he deserved! If you hadn't been paying close attention you almost wouldn't even know what happened! And I really don't think it was necessary to split this movie in half; the "camping" bits in the middle could really have been replaced with more action and finished off the series in one shot. I guess I'm being too though, but I really was a bit underwhelmed...

Trisha Nichols - 11-24-2010 1:58 PM
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Maybe it's my ADD, but I should of brought a pillow. I loved the books, read the series 3 times and I know that the first half of the book is slow; as most books. I agree the nude, but blurry make out scene was edgy, especially for kids (whom the series was written for) All of this said, I can safely say I wish i waited for the DVD release. I could of taken the kids to Carowinds for the price I pay to get into the matinee and buying the over priced junk to eat.

Elle - 11-25-2010 2:50 AM
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This first film was slow but the book called for it. Everything you see and hear in this film leads up to the culmination in 7.2. The search for the horcruxes takes a long time and to rush through it minimizes the experience of the trio. The problem with the films is that too much dramatic license is taken by the directors to make the films appeal to people who only see the movies but don't read the books. The horcrux count is correct. Voldemort's original soul plus 6 horcruxes add up to 7 (the most powerfully magical number as explained in the Half-Blood Prince book and film). Harry was an unintentional horcrux that he doesn't learn about until the end of book 7 and Voldemort was never aware of at all.

Angelakimani - 11-27-2010 4:03 AM
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Hi,i am the best fan of HarryPotter anyway Dave did not leave us in the suspense that we expected but still it was capturing to the eyes and i appreciate the great work he doing with the movie

Kristen - 11-27-2010 11:38 PM
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I almost feel asleep...there was too much of the book in it the first Harry Potter movie at least they changed some parts of it...it was slow most after the movie was over nobody even came out clapping

irvin cisneros - 11-30-2010 10:44 AM
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I was awake during the whole movie. It was the best Harry Potter movie ever. But the was one little thing that didnt happen in the book and they added in the movie. The little nude scene. It was uncall for. It was amaizing but a little too much for children, but its hollywood so you dont know what to expect. The special effect were amazing and they have always been. Now i am just waitting to be blown out of my seat for the next one. Good job Daniel, Emma and Rupert you guys are amazing actors.

Samael - 11-30-2010 7:22 PM
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This movie sucks!!! I can't believe Dave give a good review to this crapy movie... Dave u let us down....

hillpagan - 12-16-2010 5:17 PM
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The Sofia Coppola reference is so perfect. I loved the quiet parts of this movie so much- my favorite Potter film yet and you described exactly why.

Elle - 12-19-2010 12:57 AM
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ninjed, your numbering is off. you wrote: 1.Diary, 2.Ring., 3.Locket, 4. Helgas cup, 5.Nagini, 6. Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem,7. Harry, 8. It appears that you counted the diadem twice with the number 6 before it and the number 7 immediately after it. Correctly, it should read as: 1. Diary; 2. Ring; 3. Locket; 4. Helga's cup; 5. Nagini; 6. Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem; 7. Harry. There have only ever been 7 Horcruxes. 6 intentional and 1 unintentional.

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