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Funnier, raunchier, wilder, more sexually free …

Who's in It: Kal Penn, John Cho, Rob Corddry, Neil Patrick Harris, Roger Bart, Missi Pyle, Beverly D'Angelo

The Basics: This time, they get locked up in Guantanamo Bay, go to a bottomless pool party (as opposed to topless, but either way it, means an R rating), stumble across incestuous hicks and their Cyclops child, crash a KKK rally, go to a brothel with "Neil Patrick Harris" and smoke weed with an actor doing a spot-on George W. Bush impersonation.

What's the Deal? Funnier, raunchier, wilder, more sexually free and dumb/smart than its predecessor, the filmmakers decided not to hold back and really let things get crazy. And finally, a movie that wins at post-9/11 political commentary by being surface-apolitical, all the while pointing out the extreme stupidity and insanity that has swept the country's foreign and domestic policies. You have a villain, a zealously stupid Homeland Security flunkie, who literally wipes his butt with the Bill of Rights and heroes whose life goals are to have sex and get high. It makes Lions for Lambs look like, well, Lions for Lambs.

Basketball, Grape Soda and the N-Word: Like the first Harold and Kumar film, it hilariously and furiously assaults cultural racism in a way that preachy crap like Crash wouldn't know what to do on its least obvious and heartfelt day. But it ramps up the extremity by letting its least intelligent characters be more offensively bigoted than most comedies have the nerve to allow. Only Sarah Silverman pushes that line harder than this.

Who Deserves an Oscar Nomination: Harris. I'm not kidding. This guy makes playing "yourself" into the kind of art they give people awards for. So pretend for one second that the Academy Awards weren't completely lame and irrelevant; this would be a December release and Harris on a unicorn riding into a rainbow vortex after branding a hooker on the butt with his own initials would be the stuff of Best Supporting Actor wins.


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