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Hair High Review

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Hilarious but still repulsive.

Who's in It: The voices of Dermot Mulroney, Zak Orth, Sarah Silverman, Justin Long, Eric Gilliland, Tom Noonan, Beverly D'Angelo, Craig Bierko, Keith Carradine

The Basics: If you're going to see this movie, you're doing it because it's from freaked-out animator Bill Plympton — and not because of the inspired storytelling. It's a worn-down premise, a 1950s teen-tragedy pop song come to life about the most popular (and mean) kids in a high school caste system and their car-crash deaths and walking-corpse afterlives. It's funny, but it gets a little bogged down between the R-rated gross-out stuff, when it actually has to move a plot along. Lesson: Be more like Aqua Teen, and don't bother with a plot at all.

What's the Deal? What's awesome about Plympton is that he knows about human anxiety, and people in his films usually end up contorted into some grotesque shape or another as a result. They pull their own jaws out and stretch them over their entire heads. They stick their whole arms up their noses. Their eyes pop out. In other words, they do everything you wish you could do without injuring yourself. Well, I wish I could, anyway.

How It's Like a Roadrunner and Coyote Cartoon: Death-dealing incidents are easily reversed. For example, when a smoking teacher coughs up his guts and vital organs and has to have them stuffed back inside like a giant sausage, he's fine afterwards. Ready to smoke some more.

Favorite Scene: A school mascot dressed like a giant chicken takes an aphrodisiac meant for horses and runs around humping every single thing in sight, even inanimate objects. It's not sexy.

Who Shouldn't See It: The easily grossed-out. You'll know who you are when fingernails start being pulled back. It's not even live action, and it's repulsive. Hilarious but still repulsive.


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