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Who's in It: Robert Acosta, Charles Anderson, Aidan Delgado, Kelly Dougherty, Sean Huze, Denver Jones, Demond Mullins, Perry O'Brien, Paul Rieckhoff, Camilo Mejia

The Basics: "Patriotism" and "truth" are always fun words to throw around. And they're thrown around so much these days that it's almost impossible to figure out what people mean when they say them. So this documentary lets its participants define those words for themselves. Everyone in the film served in the military in Iraq. None are politicians with votes to beg for or favors to fulfill. All of them suffered and came out of the experience changed forever.

What's the Deal? What's most unnerving (or manipulative, depending on your politics, I guess) about this movie is how the camera always starts out pretty much in a close-up with its human subject and over the course of the movie pulls back enough to show you the physical or emotional battles the body's been through. First it's a guy and then later you realize it's a guy with no arm. Or he's in a detention facility for losing it and getting crazy with a gun somewhere. Stuff like that.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder People Are a Bunch of Fakers: Guess what? If you've been in a war and now you're depressed or suffering from extreme anxiety or maybe even suicidal … it's your own fault, according to the U.S. military. You have a "personality disorder." War, apparently, has very little effect on the psyche. It's no more and no less hurtful than having to watch an episode of Yes, Dear.

Most Heartbreaking Moment: Listening to the parents of a young veteran who killed himself share their story.

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