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… funnier than Munich.

Who's in It: Allen Covert, Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, Shirley Knight, Linda Cardellini, Joel David Moore

The Basics: A 30-something video-game–playing pothead moves in with his grandmother and her Golden Girl roommates and teaches them how to use water-based smoking paraphernalia. Look, it's funnier than that bummer Munich.

What's the Deal? This movie is by, for and about stoners. So, why did they release it to theaters? I know that Steven Soderbergh is about to release some dopey arty movie direct to DVD or pay-per-view or something at the same time it hits theaters, but if Fox had been smart, it would have done that with this one first instead. When I saw it, there were, like, two other people in the theater. Where was its target demographic? At home with their unemployed hands wrapped around Miss Bong, that's where. Give the people what they want, where they want it.

Word Eating; I Do It: I mocked this movie in my column because Fox wouldn't show it to the press, and when that happens, it means the studio is ashamed of the movie and wants to wash its hands of it. But Grandma's Boy, I'm here to sort of apologize. You're a stupid, incoherent movie, but you dragged me down to your level and made me laugh a lot. So now let's be friends.

Rule of Cinema No. 1 = Never Force Your Characters to Learn Lessons About Life: In the real world, no one ever learns anything. People just stumble along in their own filth and stupidity. So does everyone in this movie. It's refreshing.

Rule of Cinema No. 2 = Always Get the Old Ladies to Talk Dirty: Shirley Jones does that here. She says nasty things about Don Knotts. I can't repeat any of it.

Rule of Cinema No. 3 = Every Movie Is Automatically Improved by Adding a Monkey: And this one does martial arts.


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