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Think Best in Show minus the cute dogs and the funny parts.

Who's in It: Woody Harrelson, David Cross, Dennis Farina, Cheryl Hines, Richard Kind, Chris Parnell, Werner Herzog, Jason Alexander, Ray Romano, Mike Epps, Judy Greer, Michael McKean, Hank Azaria

The Basics: Lesson not learned from Lucky You, this improvised mockumentary takes on the superexciting world of people sitting at tables and playing poker. Think Best in Show minus the cute dogs and the funny parts.

What's the Deal? I know Congress is very busy passing laws to make it easier to spy on people, but could they take a second to pass a moratorium on feature-length mockumentaries? It still works on TV with shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm, but even Christopher Guest is scraping for ideas these days (and if you saw For Your Consideration, you'll know I'm telling you the truth), so for now it seems like a good idea if everyone just got back to their scripts.

Biggest Problem: A huge cast. And they all seem to want to outshine each other instead of collaborating. Parnell comes off best here as the jerk with something resembling Asperger's Syndrome. Of course, according to the press notes I got, he actually wrote his own lines and memorized them beforehand.

The Herzog Connection: He plays a character known only as "The German," and he's pretty funny in odd moments. He's also worked with director Zak Penn before on a film called Incident at Loch Ness.

In Case You Care: The final sequence involving the actual poker championship, was played like a real game with no set winner known beforehand. All the actors played the game in character.


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