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Grae Drake

Grae Drake began her love affair with cinema as a wee bairn, as she spent every weekend corralling her friends over to the local cinema to see the latest flick. Soon, her hunger for film became ravenous when she starred as an extra in the short film Alexander the Grape, directed by her high school crush that she really, really wanted to impress (she failed, by the way, but she blames the script).

Having sat through everything from The Bicycle Thief to White Chicks, she remains a cinephile with varied tastes (although she has a special love for documentary, as she believes watching them takes the place of paying for grad school). Her undergrad was spent at the University of Texas at Austin, shooting, editing, and producing films that were honored at Sundance and the Directors Guild of America.

You can keep up with Grae at her movie review podcast The Popcorn Mafia, or on Twitter at

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Movie Title Rating Release Date
No Strings Attached 3.0 Unabashedly Fun 01/21/2011 Jan 21, 2011
Hope Springs 3.5 Not a lot of spring in its step, but packs a lot of punch. 08/08/2012 Aug 08, 2012
Step Up Revolution 3.5 A Flashy Flashdance Flash Mob 07/27/2012 Jul 27, 2012
ALPS 3.5 Worth the climb. 07/13/2012 Jul 13, 2012
Katy Perry: Part of Me 3.5 Gumballs and Gravitas 07/05/2012 Jul 05, 2012
Brave 3.5 You'll see red (hair) 06/22/2012 Jun 22, 2012
That's My Boy 3.5 I no longer want to kill Adam Sandler. 06/15/2012 Jun 15, 2012
Lola Versus 3.5 When the irony hits your eye like a big pizza pie... 06/08/2012 Jun 08, 2012
Prometheus 3.5 If it sounds like a prequel and chest-bursts like a prequel, it's a prequel 06/08/2012 Jun 08, 2012
Men in Black 3 3.5 The noisy cricket gets wicked on ya once more. 05/25/2012 May 25, 2012
God Bless America 3.5 Bread and circuses and laughter. 05/11/2012 May 11, 2012
Think Like a Man 3.5 More comedy, less romance. 04/20/2012 Apr 20, 2012
Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope 3.5 Nerdery in full bloom. 04/06/2012 Apr 06, 2012
Goon 3.5 Pollyanna with a mean right hook 03/30/2012 Mar 30, 2012
Act of Valor 3.5 Fourth of July comes early. 02/24/2012 Feb 24, 2012
The Secret World of Arrietty 3.5 Size isn't everything. 02/17/2012 Feb 17, 2012
The Innkeepers 3.5 This could be heaven or this could be hell. 02/03/2012 Feb 03, 2012
The Woman in Black 3.5 Expecto some screamo. 02/03/2012 Feb 03, 2012
Declaration of War 3.5 Romeo + Juliette - drama. 01/27/2012 Jan 27, 2012
War Horse 3.5 Makes you swear off gelatin forever. 12/25/2011 Dec 25, 2011
We Bought a Zoo 3.5 Sentimental Journey 12/23/2011 Dec 23, 2011
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 3.5 Knocks your stockings off. 12/16/2011 Dec 16, 2011
Young Adult 3.5 For once, I'm glad I'm not Charlize Theron. 12/09/2011 Dec 09, 2011
Hugo 3.5 A film lesson with production value and heart. 11/23/2011 Nov 23, 2011
Puss in Boots 3.5 More fun than a pants-less cat. 10/28/2011 Oct 28, 2011