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… barely about zombies eating dumb teen victims.

Who's in It: Michelle Morgan, Josh Close, Shawn Roberts, Amy Lalonde

The Basics: Some college film students make a mummy/zombie movie out in the Blair Witch woods. Then real zombies take over the world. So they hop in their Race With the Devil RV and try to find a safe, zombie-free zone. Naturally, one of them shoots it all on his video camera the entire time, even asking his pals to stop and do re-shoots when he doesn't get what he wants for his instant documentary.

What's the Deal? You are being lied to all the time about everything. That's what George Romero's getting at. The kids with the video cams get the same footage as what's on the mainstream news, but the corporate-owned government lapdogs edit, rearrange and present the version it wants to show the public, downplaying the fact that zombies are about to eat everyone's brains, soothing and reassuring people that everything's under control. There's a war going on, and the American people are not being told everything. Sound familiar?

What Else Is Going On: This may be Romero's most "about something else" zombie movie ever. In addition to it being a critique of our current government and complicit media, it's also about surveillance and participation in culture vs. passive spectatorship of that culture. Give someone a video camera. Give him a place to show what he's made. Suddenly, he's a filmmaker, and he can watch what he's done online almost immediately. Then you can watch what he's done, and then you can watch other people watching what they've done. (Just check out the YouTube clips of people watching and reacting to "Two Girls One Cup.") In other words, most of the time it's barely about zombies eating dumb teen victims.

But How Scary and/or Gory Is It? Not scary at all. But there are some great gory parts. Zombies with exploding eyes, a vigilante Amish guy going mental with a scythe. If you want you can actually pretend it's not as smart as it is or even that it's good for you.


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