Who's in It: Nicole Kidman, Robert Downey Jr., Ty Burrell, Jane Alexander

The Basics: Diane Arbus was a real person — one of the weirdest, most interesting photographers of the 20th century. And this movie is about a bunch of stuff that never happened to her. Like meeting the hairiest man alive (Downey Jr.) and eventually making a coat out of him. Stuff like that.

What's the Deal? If you know anything about Arbus, and you can't separate her actual life from this fictional freak-show take on Alice in Wonderland, then you're going to hate it a lot. But if you just want to see it as the story of a repressed '50s wife who learns to love taking photos of dwarves and dominatrixes, then you'll just think it's the movie The Stepford Wives remake should have been.

Through the Looking Glass: My one beef with the whole Alice aspect of the movie is that it kind of clobbers you over the head with it, explaining itself over and over till you're like, "OK! Yes! I get it! She's gone down the rabbit hole! She's having sex with a werewolf!"

Robert Downey Jr.'s New Look: Remember in the animated Beauty and the Beast when the Beast turns into the Ken-doll boring Prince at the end? And you thought, "I liked him better as the Beast?" Well, that's sort of how Downey is here. When he finally shaves it all off, he's just this weird-looking skinny guy.

Points For: Sticking to its intentionally weird guns. And for Kidman continuing to choose odd little movies like this and Birth to be in. She's picking up Julianne Moore's slack.


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