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… pretend it's the '90s all over again.

Who's in It: Sam Huntington, Marla Sokoloff, Mike Erwin, Heather Matarazzo, Rachel Dratch, John Goodman

The Basics: A straight college freshman pretends to be gay in order to get closer to the girl he loves from afar. It's weird that there can be not just one but two indie comedies released in the same year with the same plot (the other, in case you're dying to know, is Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds). And that's not even counting the major studio release I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, which used the same wildly original premise as a subplot.

What's the Deal? I'm not sure how many people out there really want to pay 10 bucks to see a movie that assumes it's mining comic gold with a scene where Goodman dresses up the main kid in sparkly outfits to give him a gay makeover, or one where a gay poetry slam turns into a group sing-along of Britney Spears' "Hit Me Baby One More Time." But let's just say that you do. This is where to find it. You can pretend it's the '90s all over again.

Actual Funny Stuff: Comes in the form of Dratch as a drunk, too-old-for-college slut. But she's barely in the movie.

If the Lack of Comedy Doesn't Turn You Off, Try This: There's also a gross moment of fraternity hazing that features guys passing egg yolks from mouth to mouth, on top of several other gross moments where virtually all the actual gay characters come off like silly twits, furious lesbians or sexual predators.

Not as Gay As: High School Musical.


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