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… kind of like Baby's first kung fu.

Who's in It: Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Michael Angarano

The Basics: More Karate Kidness. But unlike in the recent Never Back Down, this time you actually get Li and Chan to teach the boy how to kung-fu his way to glorious victory over the bad guy.

What's the Deal? So Li finally meets Chan on screen. And, yeah, it should have happened years ago (many, in fact) when they were both at the top of their game and could really indulge in some extreme face-kicking. But it's still kind of cool to witness. If you've seen their old movies, then you know they've both sort of slowed down. But let's say you're a kid, and you've never seen a single martial-arts film before. This one isn't a bad place to start, kind of like Baby's first kung fu. You can read the subtitles on Drunken Master II when you're older.

Fight Flub: Can someone explain why Chan has to wear robes all the time in this movie? Because if I can't see you fighting, then you might as well be a stunt man. Oh, wait …

Urinetown Touring Company Auditions Are Down the Hall, Sorry: It can't be tip-toed around easily, so I won't. Li pees in Chan's face. Not kidding either. And it kind of goes on for a while, too. Any parents who complain about it should have maybe thought of that before they allowed their kids to watch Shrek's fart humor over and over. This is the next step in hilarity.

Trying to Figure Out Where You've Seen the Kid Before? He played Sean Hayes' son on Will & Grace.


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