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Phone sex: still a thing, apparently.

Katie (Ari Graynor) is an obnoxious party girl who works for a phone sex line. Lauren (Lauren Anne Miller) is a career-driven, Type A prude. Katie drunkenly spilled nasty body fluids on Lauren once in college, so they're not exactly friends. And years later, when their best gay male pal (Justin Long) forces them into being roommates for the sake of their mutual economic survival, it all gets off to a rocky hate-start. In fact, their first face-to-face as refugees from steep Manhattan rents is pure, vintage, comedy disgust as both of them shout "YOU!" in outraged surprise.

The good news for everyone is that this isn't the start of a tired, feature-length cat fight. Just the opposite. It's more like the beginning of a goofy, foul-mouthed, lady-Superbad (whose co-writer, Seth Rogen, aka Mr. Lauren Anne Miller, shows up in a brief scene with his pants down). Tack on the silly contrivances of Pillow Talk, the recession-era realities of Bridesmaids and the unflagging Spice Girls optimism of Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion and there's your weird, womanish formula. As the pair form a cement-solid friendship and a money-raking business partnership with their own no-holds-barred phone sex line, only the most ridiculous of misunderstandings could shake them up. That happens. But not for long. You weren't expecting anything remotely serious, were you?

Despite its low, low stakes, the dirty charms of these two women, delivered on their own terms (Miller co-wrote the screenplay) positions it as the next generation offspring of early-'90s indie comedies like Clerks, complete with a Kevin Smith cameo as a masturbating cab driver, as well as Go Fish, minus that movie's explicitly stated lesbianism. Lauren and Katie push the limits of R-rated sex talk but never actually have much, if any, real action and their friendship bond is so intense -- matching hot pink telephones and job tutorial sessions with a Toys in Babeland array of adult pleasure accessories -- you wonder when they're going to jump teams and start making out.

Raunchy-funny from start to finish in ways that will shock you into possibly embarrassed giggling (the last line of the script is... well... you have to hear it to believe it) and sweet enough that your mom will probably like it, too, it's the most surprising comedy of the summer. Just don't make it a first date film unless you're with a very sure thing.


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