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Death got lazy and called in sick.

Who's In It: Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Nick Zano, Haley Webb, Mykelti Williamson

The Basics: Used to be, back in the good old days of mechanized, inevitable doom, that when Death stalked you it did so in a really fresh, inspired, inventive way, using lots of pulleys and cogs and gears and sliding plate glass and maybe a rollerskate or two or a rocking chair on a sleeping cat's tail. Possibly all of the above in a rollicking sequence. But now Death seems kind of fatigued from body-counting vapid teens day in and day out and is sort of like, "You know what? I'm just going to mow down that dude with a truck instead and save myself some steps."

What's The Deal: Rest assured, however, that there is plenty of goofy carnage and lots more flying guts in your face thanks to this one being in 3D. Of course, if you don't get to see it in a theater with 3D, you'll still enjoy watching people get picked off one by one.

Add-On Features: I don't know how widespread this new motion-seat technology is, but in Los Angeles where I live they have this thing now in certain theaters called "D-Box" that you pay extra for. It jostles you in sync with action on screen, so you get tumbled around like a theme park ride every time a car crashes or a nail gun spits metal at your face. It's also got a Sensurround-style bass that comes right up through the seat and vibrates your butt quite a bit. I paid the extra seven bucks to see it this way and I can report that it was kind of awesome. I don't know how effective it would be in something like The Reader, but I suppose they could turn on the rumble during those Kate Winslet sex scenes.

Favorite Death and Favorite Non-Death. Obviously This Counts As a Spoiler. If You're Concerned About That Then You Should Stop Reading Now: I was a fan of how the sex-obsessed blond guy got his intestines suctioned out his back end by the swimming pool drainage pump. I was also into the failed suicide attempt by one of the characters, a person who then sits down and has a calm "Gee, I guess I didn't do that right," conversation with the noose still around his neck.


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