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...and pouting and moping and brooding.

Who's In It: Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard, Zulay Henao, Michael Rivera, Luis Guzman, Brian White

The Basics: So Channing Tatum's this guy who used to go to college. But now he sells dumb crap on the street. He was too "bad" for college apparently. And now he fights to defend himself from other bad dudes on the street BECAUSE THAT IS THE CODE OF THE STREETS, MAN. So then Terrence Howard, the Michael Vick of human dogfighting, comes along and introduces Channing Tatum to the world of underground bare knuckles/no rules fisticuffs because neither the Ford modeling agency nor the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch got to the photogenic young thug first.

What's The Deal: Once, back in the '90s, this friend of mine made me a compilation VHS tape of his favorite insane martial arts fighting moments. Nothing but jaw-dropping fight footage. He wrote "Fighting" on the label. Best movie I ever saw. So if you're going to call your actual non-bootlegged movie Fighting then that's all I want to see. I don't care about your girlfriend or your little problems or your emotional motivations. I want to see nonstop mayhem. People getting kicked in the face. Think about Destroy All Monsters. You know what that movie's about? Monsters destroying all other monsters. Also sparkly space alien ladies. But still, you get what I mean. Shut up and keep fighting!

How Much Of The Fighting Is Worth Watching: Most of it. It's shot energetically and it doesn't all go down in grimy basements. You won't hate it when it's on cable and you can fast forward with the TiVo.

Not As Cool As: Jet Li's Unleashed (aka Danny the Dog) or anything Tony Jaa's ever done. It's also not as cool as Step Up 2 the Streets, but that's a whole other issue.

Who Should See It: Those who don't mind doltish "acting" cluttering up the non-brawling down time--because, you know, there are other things to do in movie theaters when you're bored like going to buy food and peeing and stuff like that, sometimes even arcade games. People who want to see Channing Tatum take off his shirt will also be well served.


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