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… cutely gross at times.

Who's in It: Carrie-Anne Moss, Dylan Baker, Billy Connolly, Tim Blake Nelson

The Basics: Remember the end of Shaun of the Dead where they wind up keeping a zombified Nick Frost chained in the tool shed, happily playing video games forever? Well, this movie imagines a more productive use for the tamed undead: mowing lawns, cleaning houses and delivering the paper. Enter Fido, zombie and family pet, to bond with his owners and sometimes try to gnaw on them, too.

What's the Deal? All zombie movies are about something other than the not-living eating the brains of the not-dead, usually conformity and modern listlessness or consumerism or terrorism or whatever. And this one's no different. But it's more concerned with being adorable — I know that sounds weird for a zombie movie — and content to just make you laugh instead of a providing a pointed analogue to whatever real-life horror show is taking place in the world. And that's fine. Not amazing, but fine.

Helps If You've Seen: At least a few episodes of vintage TV shows like Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best and Lassie. It's set in a '50s-ish, brightly colored world of suburban normalcy. Post-Zombie War suburban normalcy, but still.

What Not to Expect: Major gore. I know it's a given in lots of zombie movies. In fact, if this were a normal zombie movie and not a light, light, light comedy, I'd be somewhat cranky about the lack of guts on display. But it is what it is: cutely gross at times. And that's it.

Find Connolly Mostly Annoying? I haven't put my finger on why, exactly, but something about the Scottish comic rubs me the wrong way. But here, as the title zombie, he's almost mute, so I think I found a movie I can deal with him being in.


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