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… funny enough.

Who's in It: Steven Bochco, Pat Boone, Billy Connolly, Sam Donaldson, Janeane Garofalo, Ron Jeremy, Kevin Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, Alan Keyes, Drew Carey

The Basics: The F-word is so commonplace that you can actually say it on prime-time TV now, and all they'll do is bleep out most of it. You might even get to hear the "f" and the "k." That's how absorbed into daily life it is. So they went and made a documentary about it — one where they use the word more than 800 times in less than 90 minutes.

What's the Deal? This movie's biggest problem is that it thinks it's radical for even being about the F-word. Because it's not like you really learn anything from watching it, other than that it's everyone's favorite swear and that it's been around forever and that jerks like Alan Keyes (conservative talk-radio guy) would like to make it a crime to say it. Beyond that, it's a lot of comedians "riffing" on it.

Those Comedians: Most of them are funny enough. Connolly has a good bit about it. But they all run out of things to say. Carey even goes so far as to point out that the real really bad word is the one that begins with "c" and that they should be making a documentary about it.

What It's Not: An acronym. It has never stood for "fornicating unicorns cookie krisp" or any of the other dumb things people think it's meant. Every single one of them is an urban legend. And anyone who tells you otherwise is full of it.

What Pat Boone Says Instead: "Boone." And I would love to be near him on whatever golf course he goes to and hear him let that one fly.


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