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They hope "Phantom Menace" doesn't suck.

Who's In It: Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Kristen Bell, Christopher McDonald

The Basics: It's 1998 and four young Star Wars fanatics find out that one of their crew is dying of cancer. Worried that their friend won't be around long enough to see the insanely anticipated Phantom Menace, the guys get in a van with the intention of driving to George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch, breaking in and stealing a print of the movie. This not being a documentary, they get a little farther than you might expect.

What's The Deal: If I say this movie isn't as funny or original as it should be, that's not exactly a reason not to see it. Because honestly it's just not as funny or original as it should be. It comes too long after Kevin Smith's movies farted out every possible variation on this theme and, in spite of Smith's participation in a cameo, the film behaves as though no one had ever thought of these gags before. Having said that, I did kinda laugh throughout and it's obviously so much a labor of love on the part of the people involved that you'd have to be made out of rocks not to feel affection for it.

Kristen Bell Is To This Movie What Rosario Dawson Is To Clerks II: Too cool for the guys and too easily walking off with every scene she's in. And she's not in nearly enough of them. Oh, and speaking of Clerks II, observant viewers will recognize the guy paying for Jason Mewes's attentions in a gas station men's room (you think if Smith's making a cameo that Mewes won't?) is the same guy who had sex with the donkey in that other film. Actually, I can't believe I recognized him myself.

More Cameos: Seth Rogen (in two roles, a pimp and a Star Trek fan), Danny Trejo, Ethan Suplee (as Harry Knowles), Billy Dee Williams, Jaime King, Carrie Fisher and William Shatner as himself, out to topple Lucas's empire.

Best Bits: Sly hindsight jokes about Jar Jar Binks, of course.


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