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Factotum Review

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… a lot of nothing.

Who's in It: Matt Dillon, Lili Taylor, Marisa Tomei, Fisher Stevens, Karen Young

The Basics: Drink, smoke, get fired, drink, smoke, get fired, scribble stuff in a notebook and think about what an awesome writer you are, drink, smoke, get fired, drink, fight your co-worker, get fired, dump one woman after the other, drink, gamble, drink, gamble, drink, gamble, drink, sleep on the sidewalk. The end.

What's the Deal? Charles Bukowski (the real guy) was a great writer. And yeah, he was also a drunk. But what I get from watching Dillon pretend to be him is a lot of nothing. Drunk people are only fascinating to themselves and other drunk people. I'd rather watch Mel Gibson on a very special episode of Cops.

What's a Factotum? It's a person who does many jobs. I guess they don't have a word for a person who gets canned from many jobs in a row.

Beautiful Losers Inc: I don't want to insult his performance, because it's a good one, but it's kind of difficult on a physical level to buy middle-aged but still intensely handsome Dillon as a skid-row bum and genius writer. You can't quite believe that no one ever approached this character on the street even once in his life and said, "Here, report to this modeling agency tomorrow. The J. Crew catalog needs you."

How to Play Blotto: If nothing else, this is a good instructional film for other actors to watch and learn how to be an alcoholic for the camera. They don't rely on tired slurred words and motor skill–impaired stuff. So that's good. Tomei is especially good at this.


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