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Who's in It: Frédéric van den Driessche, Maroussia Dubreuil, Lise Bellynck, Marie Allan

The Basics: A director wants to make a movie about the mysteries of female pleasure. His casting process involves actresses getting naked and sexing it up in a variety of public places and hotel rooms. The women bang each other senseless and then turn on the man who brought them together and try to ruin him. Meanwhile, some angels hang around the director, whispering highly questionable advice (and a few accurate warnings) into his ears. So much for free love.

What's the Deal? This is director Jean-Claude Brisseau's take on his own story. In 2002, he made Secret Things, about sexually provocative women who were out to manipulate men. His casting process was exactly the same as the director in this film, and he got busted for it — found guilty of sexual harassment, given a one-year suspended sentence and forced to pay a big fine. Can you imagine how many casting-couch cases there'd be in the Los Angeles legal system if you could easily make that sort of thing stick in court in this country?

What This Movie Is: Either a sincere apology to those that Brisseau "wronged" or a self-defense move or an auto-critique of an art experiment gone haywire or a really dark, lesbian-humping-rich remake of It's a Wonderful Life crossed with Wings of Desire. I haven't decided which yet. But I do know that it's bonkers and, therefore, a welcome change from all the movies like Are We Done Yet? that I have to sit through.

Hey, France, Thanks for All the Sex: Add this one to the list of non-porn art films that feature actors having real sex. Because there's no camera or lighting tricks, no fake CG way to mask what the three main women in this movie are doing together. It's all right there, minus the bad porn soundtrack music.

Lady Business: For a less rueful take on this subject, check out Catherine Breillat's occasionally sexually explicit Fat Girl and her follow-up film about that film, Sex Is Comedy.


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