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… kind of bites it.

Who's in It: Zach Braff, Jason Bateman, Amanda Peet, Charles Grodin, Mia Farrow, Fred Armisen, Lucian Maisel

The Basics: Braff, unable to hold down a job in New York City, moves his wife, Peet, and newborn baby to small-town-filled Ohio, where he takes a job in his father-in-law's advertising firm. There, evil paraplegic Bateman tries to make Braff's life hell while plotting to seduce Peet away from him. His technique? Show her the Jon Voight/Jane Fonda sex scene from Coming Home.

What's the Deal? It's a big mess. When Bateman's not around being the meanest man on wheels ever invented, the jokes mostly revolve around Braff falling off bikes. OK, that's not totally fair … there's a kinda funny bit with a neighbor kid who can swallow an entire hamburger in one gulp. And that part is still cooler than comeback guy Grodin.

Who's Better Than the Material They're Given: Armisen, Amy Poehler, Donal Logue, Amy Adams and Paul Rudd, all in tiny roles that make you hope that things are suddenly about to turn awesome. But then they don't. I was most cranky that they didn't let Poehler be something more significant here, especially since she stole almost every scene she had in Blades of Glory.

How to Watch It: On DVD or cable, so you can fast-forward to the parts with Bateman. He's so good and funny that he almost makes you forget that the movie kind of bites it.

Director Trivia: Jesse Peretz was one of the original members of the band the Lemonheads back in 1986.


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