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… Swedishly lurid …

Who's in It: Andreas Wilson, Henrik Lundstrom, Gustaf Skarsgard

The Basics: It's a Swedish film about an elite boarding school for boys in 1950s Stockholm. The twist? The brutal, sadistic students are in charge of discipline, so naturally they beat each other to bloody, pulpy messes and empty buckets of sewage onto each other in the middle of the night.

What's the Deal? One tough kid must stand alone against the horrors of his high-priced high school. And he's, like, Iron Man or something. They abuse him endlessly, but he keeps resisting, taking the high road, not fighting back and yet also not dying from the endless torture. It all ends up like a really gruesome, heavy-handed but still morbidly entertaining TV movie, but one that can only be shown on European television because they have, like, no rules over there.

Pedigree: It's from the guy who gave us the crazy-bad Jennifer Aniston–Clive Owen "noir" Derailed. This isn't as kooky or lurid because it's actually set in Sweden. So it's Swedishly lurid, with simpler furniture. And it's based on the apparently autobiographical novel of the same name by Jan Guillou.

Who's Good: Newcomer Wilson as Erik, the valiant and sturdy man of honor. He's got a sort of subtitled James Dean broodiness.

Movie Math: A History of Violence + The Passion of the Christ + The O.C. = this movie. I know, I know, that last one's a TV show. Whatever.


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