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… a weakly conceived punchline.

Who's in It: Steve Carell, Morgan Freeman, Lauren Graham, Wanda Sykes, John Goodman, Jonah Hill

The Basics: Freeman so loved the world that he decided to send a flood to drown it, except for Carell, Graham, their kid-actor offspring and billions of computer-generated animals. Go see it, if only to watch the movie happily dance around and sidestep the issue of global genocide.

What's the Deal? When Knocked Up supporting player Hill is the funniest member of a cast led by Carell that includes the equally funny Sykes and Graham, you know something's gone sadly wrong. Not that Hill is some kind of slouch. He's a funny guy. But this is comedy where its star is intended to provide the bulk of the laughs. And he comes off as the straight man to other people's quips.

What Else Is Wrong: It practically breaks itself in half trying to make sure you know that New Improved God is not responsible for the impending calamity, unlike that Bad Old Testament God who'd go around smiting just about anyone who bugged him too much. As theology goes, it's a little on the New Age side, and as a comedy, it feels like it's too soon in this post-Katrina country's history to make a huge flood your weakly conceived punchline.

What's Good About It: Carell really tries to keep things moving, and he gives the physical comedy bits, which are most of the movie, everything he's got. And the flood at the end is a computer-generated spectacle that kicks The Ten Commandments' Red Sea parting's vintage butt.

For Fans Of: Those scenes in The Santa Clause where Tim Allen's body turns fat and bearded. Carell's Noah transformation is the same gag.


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