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Eight Below Review

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… humor, tears, tension and drama.

Who's in It: Paul Walker, Jason Biggs, Bruce Greenwood, Moon Bloodgood

The Basics: Eight sled dogs, stranded in an Antarctic winter, miraculously don't freeze to death while acting circles around their human counterparts.

What's the Deal? I'm just going to say it right now for all you parents thinking of taking your small, preschool-aged children to see this movie. DON'T DO IT. And here's why — yes, this means spoilers are coming; if you don't want to know what they are, then don't read this chunk of the review — there is some seriously traumatic stuff in this movie, scenes that will induce nightmares and tears and possibly send little kids screaming down the aisle. The dogs are involved in a frightening battle with a leopard seal that looks like a monster. And then there's some doggie tragedy, too. Let's just say that all eight canines don't make it to the final credits. But if your kid is tough and/or has already seen Bambi, then be my guest.

The Animal vs. Human Thing: The dogs are the stars. They're beautiful and expressive, and they alone provide all the humor, tears, tension and drama. And they provide plenty. But then Paul Walker and the rest of the bipeds show up from time to time to be concerned about the dogs and to get their dull on.

Inspired by a True Story: Actually, it was inspired by a 1983 Japanese movie called Antarctica, which was in turn inspired by real events. So you can imagine that some fictionalizing liberties have been taken.

Thank You, Powers That Be: For not putting human voices in the dogs' mouths like in that crappy Snow Dogs or The Incredible Journey remake.


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