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"B" for effort.

Who's In It: Emma Stone, Amanda Bynes, Cam Gigandet, Penn Badgely, Aly Michalka, Dan Byrd, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm McDowell, Stanley Tucci

The Basics: A smart high school good-girl, inspired by The Scarlet Letter, decides to spread sexual rumors about herself on the Internet in an attempt at changing her social status. Adding visual kick to her scheme, she also chooses to walk around school in a black bustier with a big red letter "A" over one of her breasts. So yes, it's science fiction, but the kind where the brains required for science are used in the service of delivering ostentatiously sassy one-liners instead of trying to get into a good college.

What's The Deal: Juno just about hit it right on the teen movie aspiration scale. And that's because it didn't lose focus, paint its characters into corners or make everyone so obnoxious you couldn't still love them, not even too-cool Juno herself. This one does; its satire gets confused, most of its teen types aren't sharp enough to stick, and it lacks the emotional kick of even second-tier teen movies that came before (most notably Can't Buy Me Love, which is explicitly referenced here). That doesn't make it horrible, just average. The kind of movie you find yourself laughing along with and then forgetting about when it's over. A "B" for effort and "C+" for execution.

I Have A Good Idea:Everyone stop trying to make "John Hughes" movies. Let's just stop it right now. And let's stop telling everyone that's what we're doing while we're doing it. Because if you're making a movie about teenagers and you manage to strike that perfect balance between idiot adolescent humor and desperately yearning teenage emotion, you'll have done your job properly. If not, no amount of "Hey, look at me! I'm making a John Hughes movie!" arm-waving is going to convince anybody of anything. And (the not great at all) Not Another Teen Movie already exhausted that stuff anyway and featured a Molly Ringwald cameo as icing.

Where You've Seen Emma Stone Before: In Zombieland, The House Bunny and Superbad. She's worth more than the material she's given to work with here but if you wind up liking it all it'll be because of her. She's funny, charming and she's eventually going to be a big comedy deal in better movies.

Who'll Be Offended: People who've actually read The Scarlet Letter and Christians who are thin-skinned about being goofed on. (Exhibit A: Amanda Bynes as a chaste teenager whose performance isn't as wickedly uptight as Mandy Moore's in Saved!.)


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Angelica Bukle - 9-17-2010 3:26 PM
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veryy good not has funny has i thought it would be.

John Rivers - 9-19-2010 2:56 AM
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Dave and Jen are the worst reviewers, I don't understand how movies.com still has them employed. Their reviews are sarcastic and over the top. I've stopped reading their reviews for a while, now I just want to get them fired

WTF - 9-19-2010 2:07 PM
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WTF they're the only reviewers who's writing I give a damn about most of the time they're dead accurate.

don mc - 9-19-2010 5:26 PM
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daves reviews are one of the most honest and funny ones around. john rivers must love entertainment weeklys vapid critiques.

ali - 9-21-2010 1:00 PM
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Dave White's reviews are pretty much the only reason I visit movies.com.

king of rome - 9-21-2010 1:37 PM
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Love Dave and Jen's reviews. They always make me laugh.

Meghan White - 9-21-2010 5:29 PM
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I guess if you DON'T love good and witty movie reviews, you probably shouldn't read Dave's stuff. He is the only reason I read movie reviews at all, period.

Jay Stone - 9-21-2010 8:48 PM
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Wow how fail. THis movie deserves 4 starts. Not 2 and a half. You are stupid if you think this is right. Easy A was funny and i enjoyed it much and so did all the other in our packed theater. I do enjoy your reviews but this deserves a better grade and more amount of stars.

Dave C - 9-22-2010 10:56 AM
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Dave White's the only reviewer I can consistently trust to tell me if a movie is worth my $ or not. That said, a reviewer with clashing taste is obviously going to be "wrong". I happen to have similar taste to Dave so I agree more often than not. I also appreciate his no-bullshit reviews. I've seen 1-star reviews at other places that try to be gentle and it can be confusing in a "well does the movie suck or not" kind of way.

dalidaisy - 9-23-2010 3:50 PM
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Dave's is the only movie review I read anymore. I think it's all about finding someone with similar tastes & critiques of movies. I really appreciate his advice, even when I happen to disagree. If you don't like what he's saying, don't read his review! Anyway, I haven't seen this one, but I might now, just to see what a "B" for effort looks like. ;)

Kevin Chancey - 10-02-2010 3:53 PM
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Long live Dave White and his spot-on movie reviews.

lil julie - 10-12-2010 3:36 PM
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A is for AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!

Scarletwho - 4-30-2015 11:00 PM
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I happened to stumble upon this review, having watched this film for about the third time (it is a guilty pleasure, plus I love Emma Stone). There are far worse and much weaker scripts/ performances in this style/genre of so-called "teen flicks". I felt this review was harsh and also the basics are not even accurate? The protagonist is not spreading rumors about her sexual promiscuity on the internet. I do not know what film he went to see! It was actually a case of telling one white lie to a persistent disbelieving friend, which was overheard by the overzealous Christian (Bynes) and that started off the whole rumor mill. I actually thought the script was witty and balanced humor with a good moral modern story well. Not going to be ev

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