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It's less awesome than it sounds.

Who's in It: Dan Chupong, Leo Putt

The Basics: A wealthy lord wants to make money on newfangled tractors (it's 1910), and so he pays some mercenaries to go out into the countryside and steal rural villagers' cattle. This, however, is a bad idea, because he didn't count on the Dynamite Warrior coming along to kick his face in.

What's the Deal? OK, that's kind of not exactly true. The warrior is a guy named Jone Bang Fai, and he's sort of a cross between Robin Hood and The Good, the Bad & the Ugly-era Clint Eastwood. And he does less face-kicking (although he's pretty good at that) than he does riding on rockets that he powers with sparks that shoot from his fingers. It's less awesome than it sounds.

Why It's Less Awesome Than It Sounds: It steals from other cooler movies like Kung Fu Hustle, and the martial artistry pales in comparison to the recent batch of Tony Jaa movies like Ong-Bak. I sort of gauge the decency of this genre by how many times the movie makes me shout, "WHOOOAAAA!" at any particular fighting move. And I didn't shout one time here. Seen it before.

What It Offers: Some fun stuff like fighting dwarves, a fighting guy in drag-queen-meets-wild-animal makeup, people using machetes to chop off each other's limbs and the usual crazy spraying of blood, missile surfing, an evil wizard, flaming-log surfing, guys who dive through fire and a subplot about trying to extract powerful virgin's menstrual blood from a young woman who's pretty annoyed by the prospect. See, I'm still making it sound more awesome than it is.


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