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Duck Season Review

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… free to see what's really playing out …

Who's in It: Daniel Miranda, Diego Cataño, Danny Perea, Enrique Arreola

The Basics: Two 14-year-old best friends in Mexico City spend a Sunday playing video games and ordering pizza. Then the pizza arrives, 11 seconds later than the 30-minutes-or-free guarantee. They refuse to pay. The pizza guy refuses to leave. Then the 16-year-old neighbor girl comes over to make her own birthday cake. And then they all hang out and wreck stuff.

What's the Deal? Life doesn't happen like it happens in movies, all episodic and clean with resolutions and satisfying endings. Most of the time, a lot of nothing is going on. So the coolest movies, the realest ones, are about nothing. When there's no bank robbery or quirky love story happening, you're free to see what's really playing out in the characters' lives. And that's what happens here.

Having Said All That: There were several walkouts at the press screening. Some people just can't get down with stylized explorations of teen boredom. Some people are dumb.

Movie Math: Stranger Than Paradise + The Breakfast Club divided by Sixteen Candles = this movie. Imagine Jim Jarmusch as John Hughes and you're almost there.

Coolest Scenes: Extended Coca-Cola pouring, tentative hand-holding, wall–head-butting and a Beatles album cover recreation moment in which one character says, "John Lennon was a woman."


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