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… you'll have a nice nap.

Who's in It: The voices of Jon Stewart, Kevin Smith, Kylie Minogue, Ian McKellen, William H. Macy, Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon, Judi Dench, Chevy Chase

The Basics: Three magic jewels that can freeze the sun fall into the hands of a Coldmiser-ish villain named Zeebad (Stewart). Then a choo-choo, a doggie, a cow, a snail and a bunny band together to stop him. Yes, a choo-choo, a doggie, a cow, a snail and a bunny.

What's the Deal? This was released in England under the title The Magic Roundabout, with British actors handling the voices. The American remix changes the name and beefs up the Yank accent factor with new actors. Same movie, though. But you want to know the bottom line: Your kids will enjoy it because it's animated, and you'll have a nice nap.

My Biggest Complaint: I know we still have Miyazaki producing hand-drawn animated features, so it's not as though they don't exist anymore. But it's not enough. I'm already fed up with the new dominance of digital animation. I assume it's cheaper to produce and probably faster, but seriously, unless it comes from Pixar, it's usually just lifeless and cold.

Percentage of the Film Ruined by Irony and Smirky, Soon-to-Be-Dated Pop-Culture References: 20. Low compared to crap like Hoodwinked, but still too much.

Best Part if You're 6: When they all go sliding through a curvy ice cave.

Best Part if You're Not 6: The closing credits.


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