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  • 30

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    The Hollywood Reporter Todd McCarthy

    Crude, repetitive and rigorously single-minded, the popular actor’s writing and directing debut lays it all on a bit thick, as the few points the film has to make are underscored time and time again.

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  • 50

    out of 100

    Wall Street Journal Joe Morgenstern

    I like Mr. Gordon-Levitt a lot as an actor, and I wish him only the best in his future work as a filmmaker. There is, however, the matter of this particular movie, an overheated disquisition on the pleasures and limitations of masturbation.

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  • 70

    out of 100

    Variety Peter Debruge

    Gordon-Levitt’s script can be a bit on-the-nose at times, but that’s an indulgence easily forgiven in a debut feature, and this ensemble winningly sells the movie’s tricky tonal mix.

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  • 75

    out of 100

    USA Today Claudia Puig

    Johansson gives one of her best performances as the bossy, gum-chewing Jersey girl determined to change Jon into her image of a romantic hero. Tony Danza and Glenne Headly are hilarious as Jon's parents. Gordon-Levitt proves he can act, write and direct with equal dexterity.

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  • 75

    out of 100

    Chicago Sun-Times Richard Roeper

    Gordon-Levitt the writer-director delivers some great laugh lines and a couple of nifty plot pivots, and Gordon-Levitt the actor gives a winning performance.

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  • 75

    out of 100

    Chicago Tribune Michael Phillips

    Behind the camera, Gordon-Levitt shows serious promise.

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  • 80

    out of 100

    Village Voice Stephanie Zacharek

    It's a comedy that moves with a sense of purpose, as Gordon-Levitt does in the title role.

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  • 83

    out of 100

    Entertainment Weekly Owen Gleiberman

    Gordon-Levitt proves a natural filmmaker, nimbly staging Jon's highly amusing Catholic confessions, along with porn montages that mimic the dopamine-charged editing of "Requiem for a Dream." He also gets a terrific performance out of Tony Danza as Jon's hilariously blinkered brute of a dad.

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For Families provided by Common Sense Media

Not for kids

Irreverent romcom about porn is insightful but very graphic.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that Don Jon is about a guy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who's addicted to porn, which means it has lots of montages from X-rated movies. No genitalia are shown, but you'll see plenty of naked breasts, graphic sex scenes (with genitals obscured), moaning, groaning, people in all sorts of positions, and implied masturbation. There's tons of swearing/crude language, too (including "f--k" and "s--t"), and one scene in which a character smokes weed. All of that said, mature viewers can still learn something from the movie, including that pornography can shape the way people/society views women and of sex -- and that it can get in the way of true intimacy.

  • Families can talk about how Don Jon depicts sex and relationships. What connection do sex and intimacy have in the movie? Parents, talk to your teens about your own values on these topics.

  • What makes Jon's habits an addiction? How does it get in his way? How does it compare to other kinds of addiction?

  • Talk about pornography's appeal -- and reach. Does the film capture the casualness with which people view porn? What do you think of this stance?

The good stuff
  • message true2

    Messages: It's never too late to start over, to figure yourself out, or to recover from the horrors of life (or our mind-numbing, soul-crushing proclivities). Also, pay attention to how you're being treated; what seems like love may just be selfishness.

  • rolemodels true1

    Role models: Jon is a brawny, crass guy with a major problem objectifying women. (The same goes for his friends.) But he's seeking higher ground, and we admire him for it. Esther is open-minded and honest.

What to watch for
  • violence false2

    Violence: A man punches the window of a car in rage, smashing it to bits and hurting his hand. He's also an angry driver who cusses out anyone who gets in his way.

  • sex false5

    Sex: Tons of sex throughout the movie, in all sorts of positions; although viewers don't actually see genitalia, they see everything else, especially in many clips from actual porn videos. One character masturbates many times a day; again, viewers don't see his penis, but it's clear what he's doing.

  • language false5

    Language: Very frequent strong language includes a ton of uses of "f--k," plus "a--hole," "s--t," "bitch," "p---y," "c--k," "t-ts," "ass," "damn," "hell," "oh my God," "goddamn," and more. Also, a slur word is used once.

  • consumerism false3

    Consumerism: Camaro, iPhones, Martinelli's, Coke, Diet Coke, TiVo, Budweiser, and more are shown/mentioned.

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false3

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Some drinking, mostly in bars, dance clubs, and restaurants. A woman lights up a joint after sex.