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… so badly edited and directed …

Who's in It: Cuba Gooding Jr., Clifton Collins Jr., Cole Hauser

The Basics: Gooding Jr. — justifiably worn out after going on gay cruises, hanging out with a pack of talking sled dogs and leading a gospel choir full of underdogs and misfits — decides to get an easier job instead and joins the LAPD. It's a time-consuming job, but he wasn't that busy making, oh, say, good movies or anything.

What's the Deal? I suppose it's about two former gang-bangers becoming corrupt cops, and how that's all the same thing, and oh-the-humanity. But it's so badly edited and directed that it's kind of hard to figure out what's going on here.

Keepin'-It-Real-o-Meter: A solid 6, but it thinks it's a 10. Poser movies like this are all about dropping knowledge about the mean streets of L.A., man. 'Cause these cats have been there. They've lived the life. People in this town are hard, son, etc.

How It's Like Training Day, and Then How It's Not: Major stoner musicians acting! Training Day had Snoop Dogg as a hilarious, wheelchair-bound drug dealer. This one has Wyclef Jean, who is no Snoop. And to add lameness on top of lameness, Taboo from worst-band-ever the Black Eyed Peas pops up, too.

Speech! Speech! Lots of them. All about how it's the hard-knock life, and how the city will eat you alive, and blah, blah, blah [see "Keepin'-It-Real-o-Meter" above].


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