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Who's in It: Basilio Vargas

The Basics: It's a horrifying documentary about children who work in Bolivian silver mines.

What's the Deal? This is one of those documentaries that you watch and afterward, you resolve to never complain about your stupid life again because you realize that no matter what dumb inconvenience you endured today, at least you're not a child working in a dangerous mine somewhere. Then you resolve to join Amnesty International or Oxfam or some other human-rights watchdog group that works to end child labor. Because you do need to do that.

How Much Children Earn in Bolivian Silver Mines: $2 to $4 a day.

Life Expectancy: 35 to 40, because of silicosis from the dust they breathe.

How Many Kids Work in These Particular Mines: More than 800.

Dear Oprah: You need to see this and get your National Geographic buddy Lisa Ling on this place as quickly as possible because as good and straightforward and politics-free as this doc is, it's going to be seen by very few people, sorry to say.


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