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The Descent Review

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… tons of gore …

Who's in It: Shauna Macdonald, Natalie Jackson Mendoza, Alex Reid, Saskia Mulder

The Basics: An all-woman caving expedition goes horribly wrong. Imagine if the cast of The L Word were stuck in cramped, pitch-black tunnels, lost in the dark and battling … well, something else very horrible. You know they'd ditch that sisterhood thing pretty quickly. And that's what happens here.

What's the Deal? I've got a good idea. Let's just let the U.K. make all the horror movies from now on. They gave us 28 Days Later and now this one. It's just what you want in a horror film — steadily building suspense, a smart script, actual fear, claustrophobia, tons of gore and brutality, and an ending that doesn't feel like cheating.

About That Ending: I promise, no spoilers here at all. But the version that European audiences have seen is different than what American audiences will get. And both of them will be on the DVD. Either way it ends, both are still the smartest, coolest horror movie I've seen this year.

How the Trailer Gets It Wrong: By focusing on the Blair Witch similarities (they bring a camera along) and the hot-chick factor (teenage boys see the most movies, that's why). It teases you with schlock and delivers something much better, way more complex and … feminist?

Say the Words "Chick Flick" and Get Your Head Chopped Off: Check out the book Men, Women and Chainsaws, by Carol J. Clover — a book that needs an updated edition to include this movie — for a full-length thesis on how horror is actually the most feminist of film genres. It will impress your nerdy friends.


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