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Delta Farce Review

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… crap that makes me giggle …

Who's in It: Larry the Cable Guy, Bill Engvall, DJ Qualls, Danny Trejo, Marisol Nichols

The Basics: Dumb Army Reservist Larry the Cable Guy and his dumber friends fall out of a plane headed for Iraq and land in Mexico. And even when they encounter actual Mexicans, they still think they're in Iraq. (It's not that they're racist, necessarily, just really, really idiotic.) Disappointed they have no war to fight, they end up battling some bad banditos and saving a village anyway.

What's the Deal? I will come clean about thinking Larry the Cable Guy is pretty funny. I do. It's not the sophisticated film critic stance, I know. It's kind of like admitting that you watch Cops (OK, yes, I do that, too.) But I laughed out loud a lot when I had to see Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, and I laughed out loud a lot at this one as well. I think it has to do with having no expectations and accepting it for what it is: crap. But still, crap that makes me giggle uncontrollably.

Number of Gags That Involve Poop, Flatulence and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": At least seven that I counted. But I stopped counting and decided to start texting "Git-R-Done" to random friends instead.

A Stealth Blue-State Agenda? There's a surprising bit where the three "soldiers"/stooges get very upset at the thought that they've unintentionally invaded a sovereign nation that didn't behave aggressively toward the United States first.

Wanna See Larry the Cable Guy When He Was Named Dan Whitney? Here's a clip of him on YouTube of him being not very funny. It'll make you happy he became Larry.


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