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Deception Review

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You know what's not sexy? Sexiness.

Who's in It: Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor, Michelle Williams, Charlotte Rampling

The Basics: Fancy executive types in New York engage in discreet, high-class sex romps in five-star hotels because they're all connected by a Cinemax-after-midnight fabrication called "The List," where they get to indulge in their wildest anonymous erotic fantasies. But then, of course, a couple of them begin playing "a very dangerous game" and blah-blah-blah-erotic-thriller-blah.

What's the Deal? You know what's not sexy? Sexiness. I mean the overt, in-your-face, "Aren't we all being sultry and naughty?" sort of sexiness. Which is what this entire movie is, thinking it's daring and winding up as sort of what might happen if Victoria's Secret were in charge of making a pull-punches adult film.

What's Hard to Buy: McGregor as innocent. The weight of him being as nude and explicitly sexual as a person can be in several of his previous films — probably more so than any other actor of his generation, if not of all time — makes it tough to buy him as naive to the ways of the flesh.

Who's Awesome: Rampling as a boy-toy-employing queen of all cougars. But then she can be whatever she wants in any movie she wants because she's Charlotte Rampling, cooler than you, cooler than me, cooler than this movie.

Aftertaste: The kind that makes you think you need a mint. Also, the kind that makes you hope better roles come to Michelle Williams in the future.


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