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Not quite good grief.

Who's In It:Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, Tracy Morgan, Danny Glover, Luke Wilson, James Marsden, Zoe Saldana, Loretta Devine, Peter Dinklage, Columbus Short

The Basics: Dad's dead. Everyone thinks the eulogy should be delivered by the son who's a best-selling author, but the resentful eldest sibling wants the duty instead. The mom is unaware that her husband was secretly gay and in love with a little person. The niece brings her boyfriend, who in turn accidentally takes a hallucinogenic drug and then runs around naked. Tracy Morgan gets pooped on by grandpa. The dad's ex-lover tries to gay-blackmail the family with sex snapshots of the deceased. Think Weekend at Bernies with less emphasis on corpse antics. And slightly less sophistication.

What's The Deal: This movie would really like to think of itself as intelligent and witty while still reveling in the kind of physical humor that involves people running around screaming and getting bonked on the head. You will think of it as mostly dull, with a script that spins its wheels until the next altercation, shouting match, moment of freaked out face-pulling, injury or shot of James Marsden's naked butt. Weirder still, you can feel Chris Rock trying to pull it out of the mud and Tracy Morgan being squeezed in the vise of a character that has no reason to exist beyond the movie needing someone to spend half the film covered in feces. You wind up just feeling sorry for them and every other funny person in the cast.

Where It Comes From: From (usually) acclaimed director Neil LaBute, so that's another head-scratch-worthy detail. And it was originally a British film from just a couple years ago. Same plot. Same everything, really. But apparently England's English is a foreign language in the United States so it was really important to take what was a pretty mediocre comedy to begin with and remake it almost shot for shot. Peter Dinklage even plays the dead man's boyfriend in both films. It's nice being paid to do the same thing twice I guess.

For When The Day Comes That It's On TV And You Flip Past It and It's Already Half Over: That means you've entered your viewing experience at the perfect moment. Because nothing happens until the last chunk anyway. All the funniest physical comedy--aka all the funny comedy--takes place after all the cards are on the table, bodies are popping out of caskets and all the characters are shouting at or trying to kill each other.

Most Scenes Stolen By: Marsden, as the guy tripping on hallucinogens and hanging naked from the roof of the house. If a line of dialogue is funny then he's most often the one speaking.


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