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Dave White

Dave White's first movie review was of the animated feature Snoopy Come Home. He was seven years old and declared it a masterpiece. Sadly for film history, that review was never published. Since then he has written about movies for, E! Online and and The Advocate. He's also the author of the book Exile in Guyville and believes that if you're not hiding from real life in dark movie theaters then you're not really living.

Dave's favorite films: Vertigo, The Godfather, I Drink Your Blood, Au hasard Balthazar, Destroy All Monsters and a few hundred others. Find him on Facebook at: Follow him on Twitter at:

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Movie Title Rating Release Date
Once 4.5 … sweet and scruffy and unassuming. 01/01/0001 Jan 01, 0001
Plagues and Pleasures on the Salton Sea 4.5 … weirdly upbeat … 01/01/0001 Jan 01, 0001
Sacco and Vanzetti 4.5 … we can't exactly look back at this trial and be proud … 01/01/0001 Jan 01, 0001
The Child 5.0 … heavy, serious … 01/01/0001 Jan 01, 0001
Private Property 5.0 It's kind of perfect. 01/01/0001 Jan 01, 0001