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Daffy Duck: Quackbusters Review

For Families provided by Common Sense Media

OK for kids 6+

Funny vintage cartoons with lots of slapstick violence.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that most of this movie consists of animated short films that are more than fifty years old. As such, there are characters who smoke, puffing furiously; there's one scene in which a drunken man staggers out of a bar; and while the action is definitely fake, animated, and designed for humor, it consists of crashes, axe-wielding bad guys, explosions, treacherous falls, and electric buzzers sending shockwaves through opponents. Hair stands on end; heads sizzle; and dynamite is a weapon of choice. There are monsters from beginning to end, but they're drawn for humor and are not threatening.

  • Families can talk about how our awareness about cartoon violence has changed over the years since these films were made. How are the animated films for children different today? Are these cartoons scarier or less scary?
  • Most of these short films were made before television was in every home. They were used in theatres before the feature film presentation. What do you think the artists were trying to achieve? Were they trying to be funny or were they trying to frighten their audience?
  • Can you tell the difference between the old cartoons in this movie and the cartoon segments created in 1988, when this movie was released? What are some of the changes you see?

The good stuff
  • educationalvalue true1

    Educational value: The cartoons can be examined for the artistry and cleverness with which they were created more than half a century ago. The cartoons are studies of extraordinary animation art and ingenious parody.

  • message true1

    Messages: Daffy Duck's holding onto his inheritance is based upon his ability to be honest and treat his employees with respect. Each time he offends, more money disappears.

  • rolemodels true2

    Role models: Daffy Duck is forced to try his best at being a good boss and business person of integrity. The cartoon characters who use their wits often defeat the characters whose only power is in their size and strength.

What to watch for
  • violence false2

    Violence and scariness: Lots of cartoon explosions, falls, dynamite, electric buzzers, punches, pie throwing, axe threats, as well as ghosts, zombies, monsters, vampires, and mummies.  The monsters are designed for humor rather than fright appeal.

  • sex false1

    Sexy stuff: One flirtatious kiss between a girl and duck.

  • language false0

    Language: Not an issue

  • consumerism false0

    Consumerism: Not an issue

  • drugsalcoholtobacco false2

    Drinking, drugs and smoking: Cartoon characters smoke cigarettes and a cigar. Reference is made to beer drinking, and one man is shown staggering and drunk as he exits a bar. A "nightclub" scene shows characters with drinks on their tables.